Helmut Lang Campaign – Impress Your Parents

For the Spring 2021 campaign, Helmut Lang introduced Slogan Capsule – a collection of hoodies, t-shirts and accessories, featuring slogans and graphic patterns.

“Impress Your Parents” is a very outstanding slogan, this first appeared in a commercial advertisement for “Helmut Lang Industries (the only company that cares for you)”, which shows the brand’s interest in media culture and creates a simple and delightful atmosphere. Also, to echo the current trend of vintage fashion, the new slogans refer to popular 80s public service announcements, on the other hand, reflect that the brand was founded in 1986.

Helmut Lang believes what people do can suggest possibilities, and so what to do with those possibilities are up to people’s own choices. This suggested concept is with a vibrant sense of individuality and intelligence, as Lang claimed: We do not promise that wearing them will impress your parents, your friends, your co-workers, your many followers on Instagram, though these are all known side effects.”

The locations of photographic shots for this campaign were in Hackney and Dalston, and everything was done during the London lockdown. These two areas are both known for youth, creation and diversity, for the campaign, it sees a group of young creatives pull together ideas to discuss how they were involved and go through the pandemic, and even how they try to ‘impress their parents’. Here is Angel – one of the interviewed person’s answer: “I try to always be the most genuine version of myself to show them how the world is becoming a better place for everyone to exist.”

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Helmut Lang

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