Great Power – Your stars for June 2018

JUNE 2018, by ClaudiaVannini

June arrives with many retrograde Planets and the whole Planet Earth feels the paralysis. This paralysis manifests itself in the economy, in the exports and imports of the great powers. There is less money in circulation. The weaker countries try to remain intact in the midst of this whirlwind. Even the energy of War gets smaller. The best way to deal with this event is to keep alert so as not to fall into the mists of Neptune.
Activate your akashic resources, your collective memory and remember how to solve a big problem. Develop your contact with the Divine and remember: you are part of the Cosmos, nothing can de-structure this Truth. We are blessed by the entrance of Venus into Leo on June 15th. The force that we lost in the retrograde Planets, we recovered in Venus in a fire sign. Modify and celebrate your routine. With or without Neptune on the way, you can move. Make it happen!

Observe the Retrograde Planets in June:
-Mars on June 28th, 2018
-Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were already retrograde
-Neptune on June 20th, 2018
Observe the phases of the MOON and invest your strength in the New Moon.
– Waning in Pisces on June 6th
-New Moon in Gemini on June 13th
-Waxing Moon in Virgo on June 20th
– Full Moon in Capricorn on June 28th
You are always in the lead and have the courage to act. June is a challenge for your sign. Everything goes against what you like. There is no astral support to be bold or to lead. Retrograde planets slow down your life and you lose your temper with the swings in the economy. Your finances are impacted by Saturn and you deal with various delays. It’s either the customers who are late for meetings and inquiries or it is the payments that are not made on the right day. June brings the biggest challenge: working on patience. Accomplish your journey wisely and explore your talents while you wait for the Planet to move.
Health: unstable
LOVE: unstable with little disposition and return to the past
Uranus in Taurus continues to change your life. May was busy and there is more to come. June brings renewal of ideas, change of behavior and visual. Taurus like what is beautiful and, this month, seek beauty as a way of expressing internal changes. Work has good results and financial life is stable. Other signs experience difficult times, but you can overcome the delays caused by the retrograde Planets. There’s a lot of excitement until the 21st. Then it’s like you’re free to do just what you like. Stay calm and support the other signs.
Health: stable
LOVE: stable
Your month is protected by several Planets. Until the 14th, you get the support of Venus, who moves your finances. Take your time to make the most of these initial two weeks. Between the 19th and the 30th, there are opportunities for a new job or a promotion. Bosses look at you with good intentions. Take advantage of a new position and increase your earnings. June is the last month of 2018 for major changes. If you have plans to put in practice do not procrastinate. Do it now. Also take care of yourself. It is a time to dedicate time for yourself and for emotional well-being.
Health: excellent
LOVE: excellent
A magical moment in your professional career. Venus in Cancer brings benefits to you. It is not a month of so much work, but of recognition. The spotlight is on your head and you have to take advantage to share the benefits. Your family feels your support and realizes that you are the emotional and financial pillar of the group. Do not quit this position. Everyone around you is benefited by the influence of Venus on your sign. Participate in events, parties and celebrations. Give your opinion, stand up. Win the admiration for good ideas and your talent to protect the group. It’s your time!
Health: stable
LOVE: unstable with a chance of disruption
A wonderful time for professional change.
Until the 20th, you do not notice this agitation so much. On the 21st, everything changes. New opportunities and more work. Good phase to insert a new project, a new product or technology. Keep an eye on the good use of available technologies and invest in media. The computer is your way to get where you want. There are no limits to your work. You yourself will be amazed how Mercury shakes your professional life with benefits. Professional relationships also open doors for money. Speculation is good after the 21st.
Health: good
LOVE: excellent
Venus moves your financial life. There is not a day to rest. It’s a lot of work and dedication to the profession. Money comes in many different ways. Open your eyes to see the possibilities around you. You have to see, by your intuition, where there can be success. The financial speculation is benefited between the 14th and 20th. Enjoy! Everything that benefits the Home, the family, the design of environments, the comfort and the protection brings fast money. Good moment, until the 14th, for Virgos involved in Tourism, Gastronomy and Psychology. Hospitality, Design of Environments, Comfort and Luxury are also good.
Health: unstable
LOVE: excellent until June 17th
Do everything you have to do until June 21st. Then only manage the money you have collected and the gains you have made. Pluto suffers adversities in the sky and, its finances, are impacted. Just get organized. Everything will be alright. Enhance your computer skills and produce through social networks. Friends create opportunities. Your family asks for special dedication this month. Saturn receives demands from the Lunar Node. You are torn between taking care of loved ones and taking care of your bank account. Talk to your relatives and explain that after the 21st, you are available for the demands of the house.
Health: unstable
LOVE: Excellent with flirtations and fast flirting
Nothing gets in the way of your month. Venus and Mercury act directly on your professional life. It is time to act and form the partnerships that you dream so much about. Money attracts you and you can open the doors of business. Friends and old relationships work together. In a group or alone, you thrive. Use the full benefit of technology to be at various locations on the Planet. It’s not a month to be restricted to your city. See the Planet as a small town and be open to studying languages and traveling to conquer your space. After the 14th, feel the benefits of Venus in Leo and be the leader in your segment.
Health: excellent
LOVE: excellent
You need strict organization in finance in June. Saturn mistreats your bank account. There are unstable moments for the gains and you have to know how to deal with these oscillations. Cut spending, rearrange priorities. Avoid the superfluous. Between 20th and 23rd of June there is more money for you than on the other 26 days. Be aware of this period. These 4 days are also prosperous for financial speculation. Allow for the assistance of relatives and do not go beyond your physical limits. Be prepared for late payments. The money will come but certainly with more emotional wear.
Health: unstable until June 20th
LOVE: excellent
Great benefits for those who like to manage their finances well. June comes with sure actions to increase incomes. Mars gives the aggressive tone to win customers, business and boldness is on the agenda. This aggressiveness channeled into finance is welcome. You become more relaxed in personal relationships and more affectionate with yours. Venus in Cancer increases the income of those who work at home or with relatives. All topics related to Home, comfort, Wellness, Hospitality, Tourism and Design environments are on the rise. Gastronomy professionals thrive in June.
Health: unstable
LOVE: excellent
Divide your month into two parts. Until June 18th, work hard and collect money for your needs. After the 19th, administer with caution and cut out the superfluous. June is a prosperous month for you. It is also a time to work longer hours or with several clients. There are benefits coming from Neptune. This Planet is responsible for your financial success and is working in your favor until the 18th. When it goes into retrograde, on the 18th, it causes delays in payments. The money comes, but you work twice as much and have to chase after the material results. Opportunity for new job.
Health: good
LOVE: excellent
You feel the pressures of the retrograde Planets. June is, for you, a sleeping month. You can not actively participate in reality. You have to strive to keep the pace at work and not fall into daydreams. Your mood is unstable and this affects how you see the financial delays that occur. Be patient with yourself. After the 26th. Mars retrogrades and you do not find the path of money. Arrange to earn double the first fortnight. Use social media and technology well to generate results. You feel June as if it were the end of the year. It’s a month of finalizations.
Health: unstable
LOVE: unstable with little disposition and return to the past
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