Great calling – Your stars for May 2019

MAY, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
May brings a great calling. It is time to take responsibility for your life until the middle of September. Look where Saturn is, on your natal chart, and work this astral house. With Saturn retrograde, we begin the month with this individual theme to be treated. Do not procrastinate. Face your theme and take the reins, however difficult it may seem. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are retrograde. The past is available for a resolution. End the pending issues or revive what you have not learned yet. Take good lessons out of every situation. It’s the only way to end a theme forever. Justice matters go slowly. This favors Presidents who should be impeached. It’s a delay, not a resolution. The world governments are being charged for the bad investments made with public money. A difficult stage for administrators who did not perform well. Some heads are cut off by interference.
The United States of America must act with intelligence to block a major attack that is already shaped in time. Everything is a matter of political will and services developed in Technology. As it is something that will bring great impact worldwide, especially on the Economy, all countries must act for a good exchange of information. On May 6th, Mercury goes to Taurus. The minds turn to material goods, money and wealth. The whole planet talks about money and acts to make a profit. Good time to reorganize investments. Capital migrates from one country to another. Watch this movement and work to be on the favorite subjects. Japan is in an excellent position worldwide and has good opportunities for profits.
Mars comes with unbalanced energy. The acts on Earth are of little intelligence and much violence. This energy affects your Home, your city and your country. Everyone should watch their own thoughts to block extreme actions. After May 16th, everything improves with Mars entering Cancer. The warriors pass through the emotions and do not always manifest themselves in the material. It reduces violence among men. Increased cases of Feminicide. Moderation is the theme of May. If you know how to act, without throwing everything away, you can live a cycle of learning, success, and self-control. If you get lost in the magnetism of the retrograde Planets, you will understand Saturn as a constraint. Saturn brings you the chance to choose which course to take to reach a goal. May you take your road, motivated by the heart.
Regions with instability are:
India, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Syria, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Spain, Mexico, England, Poland and Afghanistan. Rome remains vulnerable.
Follow the Lunar Cycle:
May 4th with New Moon in Taurus – Start your projects
May 11th Waxing Moon in Leo – Establish Expansion
May 18th Full Moon in Scorpio – Act to Expand
May 26th Waning Moon – Collect results
Moderation on the 1st, 5th and 22nd of May, 2019.
Good Journey to All!
Prepare yourself for good gains. May promises more money circulating. There is extra work to be done. You have the spirit to perform any function and get more for it. It is not a moment of honors and glories. Do not expect compliments. The career is not in evidence, but you continue to accelerate. Control the momentum. Mars puts you in extreme situations. Avoid accidents on 17th, 18th and 19th. Approach those who hold power in your work. Strengthen networking and accept challenges. Love at an excellent time. Health is stable.
Mercury collaborates with your financial life. After the 6th, work in an organized way to increase profits. There are good opportunities in speculation. If you master the subject, abuse your luck a little. There is no new work. You can look for new opportunities in other industries by studying a topic you have never addressed. Mars creates eccentric opportunities. If something new comes, embrace it. The Home brings some unexpected expenses. Save a little in your budget for small repairs. Health is stable. Love is in a slow phase. Do not confront the blockages along the way.
You go through a glorious moment. Feeling strong and energized. It’s Mars acting on your life. Warrior`s energy. This planetary influence collaborates a lot with finances. It is a prosperous month with personal recognition. You excel at work and with friends. You shine! Avoid boldness in financial speculation. Money comes from work and not from risky situations. Invest in technology. You and your computer make the best duo this month. Earn money through it. Love is balanced. Good health all month.
Manage your routine until the 15th. Nothing very special until that date. After the 16th, your life gets a planetary boost. There will be 45 days of professional life as the focus. Work calls you. Get ready for this moment. Organize personal and family life so your entire strength is available for the career. Immerse yourself in opportunities. Invest in technology and connect quickly. Be available. Friends bring good job opportunities. You’re confident. Dedicate yourself to your look. Unstable love. Excellent health after the 16th.
Another positive month at work. So much to be done and you feel willing to do it. The financial return is the consequence of all this turmoil. Take advantage of the moment to profit, but do not forget to include times of rest. Take short breaks between jobs. Your family does not get as much attention as you would like. It’s not your focus at the moment. Explain that you are with the Sun illuminating the work and ask for emotional support to fulfill your mission. There will be a time to take care of the Home. Excellent love. Unstable health between 02nd and 20th.
Sun, Mercury, and Mars shake up your professional lives. Get ready for a new challenge. When an energy this strong moves the house of work, something has to die. You can leave a company or change your life project. It is the end necessary for something new to be established. Travel is part of this change. Challenges are not always at the corner of the house. Do not erect walls in your expansion. The finances are balanced. Health is a stable moment. Love suffers the effects of changes in work.
Few surprises in the work life. May brings a little more of the same. It is not a phase of high profits. If you want to expand, you need to have good social connections or support from a great partner. Friends can create opportunities. Accept to go into areas where you have never ventured. Enjoy releasing the past. Clean drawers, cabinets, and donate what is no longer used. Enjoy and reorganize the physical body. Health is in a good time, Love is the focus of your month. Intense moments in the sex life stir up your life.
Organize your schedule with more work by the 20th. Money circulates fast until that date. Focus your efforts to meet with the team and the leadership. Get close to the leaders at work and move among the people who have more power than you. This networking is fundamental for money to happen. After the 20th, slowness in finances. Do not expect much from this end of the month. Pay your debts and resolve all issues with taxes and fines. Love at its best after the 17th. Health calls for physical and mental detoxification.
Little professional activity in May. You feel the impact of the retrograde Planets. The great victim is your professional life. Know that, organize yourself to adjust your budget. The focus of this month is the emotional life. You have intense moments in the marriage or you meet someone different. Mars puts you in unusual situations. Get ready to live in a new setting, even if you’re single. Personal disputes increase. You feel at war, having to conquer your space. Lower your weapons and administer the routine. Unstable health.
You have a quiet month ahead. Work flows naturally. There are no major events in this sector. The gains remain balanced. Saturn asks you, in particular, to take control of situations that are misaligned. The most difficult topic is family. Relatives create intense moments and you have to act firmly. Health is in an excellent phase. Love goes through tensions. Mars stimulates disputes and you can get confused, transforming the emotional relationship into a war. Avoid being too reactive.
May brings good financial results until the 20th. Act with conviction until that date and collect your money. The other days are not so prosperous. Your biggest focus is the home. Caring for the family is key to stabilizing the strength of Mars. Enjoy and study some new theme in May. The intellectual sector is favored and will bring a return in the future. It’s an investment you make in yourself. Love gets a lighter tone. Less commitment and more fun after the 20th. Not conducive to getting married. Just love. Health improves after the 20th.
The month does not promise prominence in professional life. Finance walks steadily, but it is not a time of much recognition for your efforts. Fulfill your obligations and manage your money well. The theme in May is the family. Relatives need support and you should look closely at this sector. By dedicating yourself to the demands of the home, you find the balance that the profession is not bringing. Love is stable. Health goes well until the 20th. You’re lucky when it comes to financial speculation.

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