Everyone Needs a Miracle In Their Life – or Omar Kahn THE MEDIUM

I want to share with you someone who changed my life, and could potentially change yours too. Be open and you will see the world with different eyes, there is so much you will see and so much to explore that you’ve never experienced.
We were lucky enough to interview Omar Kahn THE MEDIUM, check it out!
1. What is a medium and how did you get into the field? 
A medium is able to connect to the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves this can include events of the past that have been  imprinted through intense emotional and physical energy .  The main role of a medium is to communicate with those that have passed over. Mediums can bridge the divide between the physical world and the spiritual world. Usually, mediums can deliver messages to people who are still living from those passed over.  Where I first tapped into my ability it was through my work as a clandestine field investigator (undercover) working on assignments across south-east Asia.  I used my ability to navigate through each assignment back to safety for over 20 years.
After the sudden loss of my daughter and being told by two renowned mediums 3 years apart that my path and purpose is to apply my ability in service to others. I began to give readings on island of Bali where I lived for 4 years reading for people from all over the world and donating my time to parents who have lost children.
Eventually I travelled the world with just a backpack living through faith and committed to my purpose with the assistance of amazing people with pure hearts. I’ve connected to people across Southeast Asia, United States, Europe, Latin America and Africa.
2. What are your life principles?
To live through the practice of Gratitude.
To know that each experience good or bad has value and purpose.
Live through faith and trust take responsibility for my life.
To be in my truth in a place of self-expression and connection to who I am as an individual.
To add value to myself and others.
Always challenge myself and raise my standards
Honor my intuition and act on my all my inspirations
Always give back
Live freely through the law on non attachment (in others words let nothing own you)
3. What is the most important thing for you?
Firstly my sense of freedom, secondly to enable others to see that anything is possible that no matter what has happened to accept and release the events that held them from moving forward.
Deliver the message of strength that the cycle of life breaks us down and builds us back up what seems as a failure is really part of a greater success the stronger the process the stronger version of yourself will emerge. ( also I do this through my social media feed )
4. How do you help other people with your work?
I connect individuals their loved ones that have passed, guide them to their life’s purpose and emotional center. I can help release grief, empower, inspire, connect to one’s passions and creativity and see the value of their own life experiences.
5. What are 3 things that you are most thankful for?
-I am thankful for all the beautiful people that are part of my life.
-I am grateful for my mind and body.
-The creativity, happiness and love that is held within.
-I am grateful for my Psychic Mediumship ability and that I’ve been given the opportunity to enable others to release grief empower others find their true calling
6. If you could change one thing in the world what would that be?
End the suffering and exploitation of women and children.
7. What was the best decision you have made, career-wise?
To donate my time to parents that have lost children and soldiers that have suffered the from PTSD.
8. How does a medium handle their own personal problems?
There never is a problem just an opportunity for growth.
I always remain in a place of faith and gratitude when I face a challenge
I keep an open mind and truly know that the experience holds value and purpose. I take responsibility to see the good in what’s happening then take action by listening to my intuition and then acting practically.
9. What do you really need in your life?
The word need implies your lacking in something for me it’s not needing it’s more about what I hold as being as a priority. Which is my sense of freedom is not to be bounded by any attachments that suppress my individuality and creativity and to live a purposeful adding value to community and people.
10. What do you love the most about your job?
That I am able to make a difference to my clients from all over the world release despair, confusion, grief provide closure enable them back emotional their center and set clear directions most of the time in one session.
11. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
-All children live in happiness and nurtured and protected by our communities across the planet (end the exploitation of children)
-Worldwide agreements on policies protecting forests oceans wildlife.
-End all plastic products introduce new technology and methods based on recycling.
12. What will your next project be? Maybe a Youtube channel or Radio show?
I want to create forums of empowerment with ordinary people who have done extraordinary things it’s through each other’s experiences that we share the strength of humanity. I believe forums of this nature can create significant shifts for people.

Web site: omarmedium.com


If you want to connect with OMAR Kahn you can follow him on instagram.com/omarkahnmedium.


Everyone and everything is interconnected in this Universe. Stay pure of heart and you will see the Signs. Follow the Signs, and you will uncover your Destiny. 


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