Eclipses are opportunities – Your stars for June 2020

JUNE, 2020 by ClaudiaVannini

June comes with 2 Eclipses. On June 5th, we have the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. On the 21st of June, the Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Eclipses are opportunities. You can review your past during the Lunar Eclipse. You can project your plans for the next semester, during the Solar Eclipse. Mercury retrogrades on June 18th. It continues that way until July 12th. During this period, cars and electronics go through crashes. Protect your electronic files with backups. Remember the files on your smartphone. Avoid elective surgery. Drive more carefully and confirm all information. Don’t send messages. Communicate clearly and in detail. As many Planets remain retrograde in June, expect delays in plans and payments. Write down in your calendar the date October 22nd, 2020. This is the date when humanity has some control over the virus. 

Let’s take a look at our Lunar Calendar:
FULL MOON in Sagittarius – June 05th
WANING MOON in Pisces – June 13th
NEW MOON in Cancer – June 21st
WAXING MOON in Libra – June 28th
Good Eclipses to all.

You feel the Lunar Eclipse in your 9th House. You want to study something new, but you feel a certain difficulty. The Eclipse casts its shadows on travel and contact with foreigners. Mars and Venus are affected by this Eclipse. There is no clarity in intimate relationships and business. The Solar Eclipse moves your 4th House. It’s a dynamic event. The family requests your presence and the Home asks for maintenance. Cultivate patience and meditate to cope well with Retrograde Mercury. Love goes through tests and health is well. 
Good days: 5,6,14,15,24,30

The Lunar Eclipse affects your 8th House. You rethink your personal power and how you project yourself in everyday life. It is a good opportunity to make changes to your look, wardrobe, or establish clear boundaries. Venus and Mars move the financial life and you have to review the family budget. The Solar Eclipse moves your 3rd House. You analyze your communication and create new ways to be better understood. Communicating well is the theme of the next 6 months. Good health and stable love.
Good days: 7,8,16,17,18,26,27

The Lunar Eclipse impacts your 7th House. Partnerships, partners, and marriage undergo a revision. You can establish a new contract for the next 6 months. Solar Eclipse shakes your 2nd House. Money and assets. It’s time to create new ways to make money. You can change jobs or even careers. You can close a business to dedicate yourself to something more profitable. Health remains stable. Love feels the magnetism of the Lunar Eclipse. Expect delays in plans this month.
Good days: 1,9,10,19,20

You feel very strongly the two Eclipses of June. Rest as much as possible and detoxify! The Lunar Eclipse moves your 6th House. You review your diet, habits, and even your vocation. It is an opportunity to cut addictions and establish a new routine. The Solar Eclipse happens at your 1st House. It is a new SELF that will be born in the next 6 months. Changes in behavior and appearance. Rearrange the budget. Consider some delays in your plans. Stable love. 
Good days: 3,4,11,12,13, 21,22,28,29

The Lunar Eclipse moves your 5th House. Your creativity is stifled. Children need extra attention. Dating and having fun seem like difficult topics. The Solar Eclipse shakes your 12th House. It is a test of faith. You rethink your beliefs and embrace the truths that touch your heart. Until the 18th, financial life goes well. After that, rearrange the budget. There is a change in the way you present yourself to the world after the 21st. A new look is welcome. Unstable love and balanced health.
Good days: 5,6,14,15,24,30

The Lunar Eclipse moves your 4th House. You review themes of family and can renovate something that has been bothering you for a long time. Relatives ask for your help. Be ready! Solar Eclipse shakes your 11th house. New social groups and institutions open their doors. It is a new cycle in friendships and working together. Excellent time to leave a group that has faded and dive into challenging topics. Health needs attention. Rest a lot and detoxify. Stable love. 
Good days: 7,8,16,17,18,26,27

The Lunar Eclipse impacts your 3rd House. You review your communication and your studies. You can change schools or courses. It is time to create a new way of expressing yourself to be better understood. The Solar Eclipse shakes your 10th house. Your work environment is undergoing major changes. You help your bosses organize a new routine. Co-workers leave for new journeys. Double your attention with electronics and drive carefully. Your health calls for rest. Detoxify. Stable love. 
Good days: 1,9,10,19,20

The Lunar Eclipse moves your 2nd House. Time to review finances and organize budget. You can leave a job to embrace something more profitable. Solar Eclipse impacts your 9th House. You study new topics and establish healthy links with other countries. An important trip can happen in the next 6 months. There is a chance of moving to a place far from where you live. Your faith can be strengthened. You feel strongly about the delays in your plans. Stable health and love. 
Good days: 3,4,11,12,13,21,22,28,29

The Lunar Eclipse occurs in your Sign. Time to look at the SELF and make changes. Change your hair, clothes, or make new vows with your life. Mars and Venus impact the children in the house. Watch out for them! The elderly in the family will reformulate the budget. Help them with this task. The Solar Eclipse shakes your 8th House. Your personal power is questioned. Another opportunity for you to establish clear limits for the next 6 months. Establish boundaries. Good health and stable love. 
Good days: 3,4,11,12,21,22,26,27

The Lunar Eclipse impacts your 12th House. You look to the past and rearrange your beliefs. In this spiritual cleaning, you can embrace a new faith. The Solar Eclipse has greater power over you this year, and it’s on your 7th House. Marriage has to be reinvented. Relationships with partners also have to be reviewed. Great opportunity to sign a new contract with new clauses between partners. You need to rest this month. Eclipses affect your health. Love does not go through easy times. 
Good days: 7,8,16,17,18,26,27

The Lunar Eclipse affects your 11th House. You look at friends and institutions. Time to rethink which relationships remain and which have already died. Solar Eclipse moves the 6th House. It is a new look at vocation, daily life, and habits. You experience changes in the work environment. You will have to reinvent yourself in the next 6 months. It is the ideal time to kick an addiction or change your diet. Mercury affects your electronics and car engines. Drive with extreme care. Health remains stable and love too. 
Good days: 1,9,10,19,20

The Lunar Eclipse impacts your 10th House. Your work is changing and you have to adapt. It is time to look at the last semester and transform what was not working. Solar Eclipse involves creativity and children. You can bring a baby to Earth in the next semester. It is also an excellent time to reinvent yourself. Use all creative potential to create new paths. Health remains stable. Love goes through reinvention. Drive carefully and protect your electronic files.
Good days: 3,4,11,12,13,21,22,28,29

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