Doors Into Our Uncharted Depths – The Story of the World’s Most Popular Tarot

“A path to reality is to be found in images. I believe that no better one exists.”
– Elias Canetti Johannes

Fiebig, an increasingly successful tarot writer, has reinvented the influential work of Arthur E. Waite and Pamela Smith’s work in the field of tarot. The Tarot of A. E. Waite and P. Colman Smith (2023) will be published on 22 December. Included in one purchase of the set costing €100 is the 1910 deck of tarot cards created by Arthur E. Waite and Pamela Smith and Key to the Tarot (1910) by Arthur E. Waite.

Fiebig provides a comprehensive introduction to the deck of 78 tarot cards created by Waite and Smith, with each card presented individually and in detail. The cards include practical tips for further levels of interpretation. Accompanying the deck are essays by Mary K. Greer, Rachel Pollack, and Robert A. Gilbert which catalyse understanding of tarot and this unique edition. Fiebig explains each card, with over 800 illustrations and texts, and along with contributions from Greer, Pollack, and Gilbert who are prominent figures in the field of tarot the set is a fascinating new experience of the Waite-Smith tarot.

A new feature in the book is the ‘Quick Check’ which offers a short, quick answer for every card in every possible position of all the reading patterns presented. Essentially, the ‘Quick Check’ provides hints about the meanings of the cards. Not only does this make the experience more unpredictable and exciting, but is also accessible for both beginner and advanced tarot readers.

A twenty-first-century renaissance of the Waite-Smith cards that were created in 1909 certainly wasn’t expected, but is warmly welcomed by tarot-invested readers.

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