Diesel sets the precedent for times to come with their spring/summer 2022 collection

A prodigal talent of Belgian descent, Glenn Martens has been one of the most exciting, creative forces on the Parisian fashion scene for quite some time now. His collections which subverted the staples of everyday wardrobe in extremely unusual and novel ways, have been a highlight of the fashion month schedule and showed the designer’s idiosyncratic expression explored in so many diverse aspects. Now, from this day onward, the budding talent will pair up with Diesel, the Italian brand which has defined the face of denim apparel for so long, to give the brand a much welcome freshening up.

Diesel, despite being one of the leading brands in the denim sector, has, apart from the company’s vibrant ad campaigns, struggled to push the boundaries with the creative direction of the collections, by falling back on tried and tested. This season a new agenda has been set, and according to the buzz that has awakened since the s/s 22 collection been released, the company has made the right move. Denim, the brand’s signature material has been manipulated and reused in a plethora of unexpected ways. Quilting and Smocking, techniques rarely employed in denim manipulation have been introduced in the designer’s debut offering. The newly-appointed creative director wasn’t afraid of experimenting with different colorings and washes either or even introducing recycled bonded paper into some of the outfits. Satin and organza, fabrics not necessarily associated with Diesel’s design ethos throughout the brand’s history, have been introduced and allowed for the creation of some alluringly extravagant outerwear. I sincerely hope that this new appointment will set an example for other brands that prosperity and growth can be on the horizon if a chance is offered to young, fresh talent to show off their creative muscles

Image credit: Diesel

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