Berluti – Drawing a Natural Connection Between Both Visual and Practical Domains

On 8th April 2021, Berluti presents its Winter 2021 collection in a form of performance art, staged digitally in Paris and Shanghai. In order to break through the limitations of the current circumstance, the artistic Director Kris Van Assche collaborated with video director Antoine Asseraf and creative consultant Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid), and worked on a virtual show.

Through out the choreography of the performance, a sense of freedom is expressed. The Berlin-based Russian artist expressed himself in abstract patterns with multiple layers, which echoes Berluti’s visual and practical domains.

The bags of Berluti echo the fluidity of the collection, in which the brand does not only focus on the products but also pays lots of attention to details and extras. On the other hand, the shoes embody Berluti’s techniques very much, as from the uncycled-layered platform sole of a derby to o a textured platform foam sole morphed with a classic leather shoe. The great combination of design and performance makes this season’s Berluti creative, artistic and exciting.

Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Berluti

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