A positive month for the whole planet – Your stars for August 2020

AUGUST, 2020 by ClaudiaVannini 

A positive month for the whole planet. Despite the Quarantine and Covid, humanity is progressing more prosperously. Mercury enters Leo on August 5th. Everyone’s perception is broadened. This helps with decision making. We were able to find intelligent solutions to our problems. On August 7th, Venus goes to Cancer. We want to be with the family. We want the protection of the social group. More people get married. On August 9th, good news for our health. Researches advance. We must be careful with the 13th of August. Countries want to go to war. Diplomacy must be the greatest weapon among presidents. We already warned, at the beginning of Covid, that war would be our biggest challenge in this pandemic. We must remain alert to this issue. Another complicated day is the 15th of August. If you can, avoid making decisions. There are clashes and splits. Heads can roll. Uranus goes in retrograde motion. Until January 13th, 2021 we will rebuild something. During this period, we have the opportunity to reform an economic system. Something has to be changed to modernize the financial and / or tax system on the planet. Can a new hard currency emerge? Yes! We can revisit the past and bring an innovative solution. It is a phase of a technological revolution. Until January 2021, news in the world of electronics. Useful apps and people being monitored by chip. A controversial topic, but already foreseen. Will it be good? We don’t know, but it is shaped in Time to happen.

Shall we organize our Lunar calendar?
Full Moon in Aquarius – August 3rd – harvest and profit phase
Waning Moon in Taurus – August 11th – phase of evaluation of the last 30 days
New Moon in Leo – August 18th – phase of planting and project launch
Waxing Moon in Sagittarius – August 25th – resistance phase. There are no guarantees this week. Projects can succeed or not.

Good Month to All! ClaudiaVannini

a Happy Month for your finances. You get good work through the Home Office. It’s your moment to get a new job. Everything gets easier after the 22nd. Your family cooperates more with your personal and professional life. Health goes through a great moment. Love is also in a positive phase. It’s the ideal month to rest for a bit. If you wish and can travel, do it. After the 22nd many news. Be ready!
Good days: 8,9,17,18,25,26,27

Professional life is paralyzed. It is Uranus in retrograde motion. Don’t decide anything about your career or try to change jobs. If you are looking for a new opportunity in the job market, the best period is from 01 to 14 of August. After that, consider the planetary slowness and don’t get angry. Your success depends on intensive communication. Strengthen networking and appear to the world. Love goes through difficult times. You and your partner will clash with opposite thoughts. Health improves a lot after the 22nd.
Good Days 1,2,10,11,19,20,28,29

Financial luck after the 7th. If you speculate, the month promises good results. The career has strength until the 21st. The 21st is a magical day for finances. Stay tuned! After the 22nd, all energy is concentrated in the home and family. It is time to assist relatives or make a renovation of the property. It is also a good time to change cities. Love gains an astral boost after the 20th. Singles can find someone interesting. Health is strengthened.
Good Days 3,4,13,14,21,22,30,31

Money comes easier. Count on extra work or extended hours. This brings in surprising money. You have to promote yourself. Imagine yourself as a company or brand. Things only happen if you show your skills. After the 22nd, high profits in financial speculation. Health requires special care. Rest and improve your diet. Do not count on the Planets when it comes to love. Couples can break up or renew the relationship in a new format. It is a tense period.
Good Days 5,6,15,16,23,24

Very lucky month for finance. The Earth element planets help you. It’s a positive moment, celebrate! You have opportunities in a new job. If you are already employed, you have a solid foundation to be successful. This month is special for your financial life. Dive into the budget, analyze, invest, and speculate. It is the face of wealth. Excellent health all month. Love gets a planetary boost between 3rd and 15th. It’s the right time to start dating. After the 16th, there is romance with tranquility.
Good Days 8,9, 17,18,25,26,27

You feel a certain financial stagnation in August. Knowing this, act with strength and courage. Recalculate your finances, improve your household budget, and make the necessary cuts. This isn’t the time to change jobs. Just try to manage the situation. Despite this paralysis, your networking is strengthened. Throw all your chips in the hands of friends and co-workers. Health is excellent all month. Love becomes more creative. Singles find a date when they’re having fun. Married couples invent new activities for two. Good Days 1,2,10,11,19,20,28,29

You stand out at work. You receive praise and manages to feel safe among your colleagues. It is a very good time to mark your presence in the company. Finances seem stagnant. It’s Pluto’s fault. Rearrange your budget. Health is weakened. Respect your limits, rest, and meditate. Increase your immunity with moments of relaxation. Love goes through a balanced phase. Singles are not in the mood to start dating.
Good Days 3,4,13,14,21,22,30,31

The Planets on Earth collaborate with your finances. Take advantage of opportunities in speculation and make your money grow. Professional life remains firm. Take advantage of this month to study languages. If you work with other countries, invest in networking with foreigners. There are good opportunities elsewhere. Health improves a lot after the 22nd. Singles are lucky in love. Married couples suffer from the partner’s mood swings. In times of pandemic and quarantine, count on flexibility in the relationship.
Good Days 5,6,15,16,23,24

August brings professional stability. Finance is balanced. There is not a big expansion in this sector, but you feel safe. You have a greater potential than is being asked, but the moment is a practice in patience. The time will come to show your competence. Until then, study and specialize. Excellent health until the 22nd. After that, respect your body. Take a rest. Love goes through a good time. Singles find love in other regions, far from home. If you travel you have more opportunities for the heart. Good Days 8,9,17,18,25,26,27

This is your detox moment. It’s time to clean cabinets, drawers and donate everything you don’t use. Clean the house and the heart. It is not a month of growth. It is a month of renewal. Reevaluate your relationships and concepts. Do not change anything at work. Manage that sector, while you transform yourself completely. Health improves greatly after the 22nd. Couples go through a stable month. Singles are lucky in dating. This dating brings new friendships and expands your knowledge about the world.
Good Days 1,2,10,11,19,20,28,29

double your patience to live the month of August. The work goes through a certain paralysis. Nothing serious, but there is not much progress. Knowing this, avoid proposing changes in the company. Do not criticize colleagues or try to expose your revolutionary ideas. The Trine on Earth does not accept your inventive capacity. Know how to deal with this planetary blockade. Health improves a lot after the 22nd. Until then, rest and respect your pace. Love goes well if you don’t demand commitment. New relationships are more fun. Flexibility is the theme for couples.
Good Days 3,4,13,14,21,22,30,31

A busy month. You work hard and try to have some fun. There is a chance of a new job. Keep communication open with all sectors. Count on luck in finance after the 22nd. The Planets on the Earth Element open up opportunities for extra work. Keep an eye on the last week of the month. You can earn more this week than the whole month. Health is excellent until the 21st. After the 22nd, rest and improve your diet. Much love after the 23rd. A new year for dating and marriage begins this month for you. Good Days 5,6,15,16,23,24

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