To infinity and beyond with Louis Vuitton cruise 2022

One thing you can count on when it comes to Nicolas Ghesquiere is that he knows how to put on a show. Staged at Axe Majeur, an architectural masterpiece by Dani Karavan, Louis Vuitton’s cruise 2022 how attempted to achieve the almost impossible, reaching infinity. It is always a pleasure, with each passing season, to unpack and dissect the plethora of references, married so harmoniously, in the brand’s runway presentations. The vibe of the 60s. which has been sort of a leitmotif of Louis Vuitton’s recent collections, has been enriched with nods to retrofuturism, vintage DC and Marvel superheroes, and, surprisingly, with sartorial codes of one of the greatest entertainment figures of all time, Michael Jackson.

At certain points, segments of the collection began reading as an homage to the late, troubled icon. Jackets inspired by military uniforms, moto-pants, and the star’s signature cherry-red hue became gradually, through the presentation, focal points of the respective outfits. Even though, the very thought of these elements combined together might sound intimidating to some, a quick glance is enough to dispel any feeling of doubt, as the clothes are extremely wearable, without losing their unique luster. Speculations of what the future of ready-to-wear might hold was always a prevalent theme of Mr. Ghesquiere’s work, and in the gloomy atmosphere we live in, such jolt of energy and optimism might be exactly what is needed to push ahead.

Image credit: Louis Vuitton

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