The realization of personal dreams – Your stars for October 2019

October, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
Pluto returns to its direct movement. Some themes are concluded. They are doors that close for others to open. It is the Universe calling for the transmutation of energies and events. October brings big events to the planet. These are major disasters that shock us because of the energy generated. Uranus and Neptune remain retrograde. In this astral scenario, there is money circulating in abundance. The worst of 2019 is gone. Saturn and Neptune facilitate the realization of personal dreams. It is a period of contentment. Trump is not out of office, but the impeachment process makes money move around the planet once again. Japan is the big beneficiary in this financial cycle. The pseudo war in Saudi Arabia shows no potential for risk. US stock exchanges lose investors and other countries make high profits.
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October 05th – Waxing Moon in Capricorn – Investor-friendly period and high yield on financial speculation. There is new money coming in, something similar to the Bitcoin phase. Expanding real estate developments and profitability in the sector.
October 13th – Full Moon in Aries – Moment of major accidents on the planet. Great time for large events. Retail gains strength.
October 21st – Waning Moon in Cancer – Health is fragile, so we keep to ourselves.
October 28th – New Moon in Scorpio – Time to renew the way you make money with new partners, new projects or radical change in business. The great tip is to search for money outside of the USA, Germany, and Canada.
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An excellent month for All!
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Strength and determination in professional life. That’s what October promises for you. Mars and Saturn change the year’s astral. What was stagnant, will now move. New work or more work and intense social life. This involves new contacts to make money or new clients. Dedicate yourself to your career. Your cycle of prosperity begins now. Love is in a great moment with the possibility of commitment. Health is fragile because os excess, take care of your muscles.
Venus and Sun shake your heart. October brings strengthening of the emotional relationship or a new love. Sex life also gains momentum and you get very bold. Work opportunities are not lacking for you. In addition to what you already have, there may be extra work or an offer for a radical change in the profession. Enjoy the good phase and immerse yourself in the news. You make a lot of money by the 22nd, so organize the finances so that the money lasts until the end. Good health all month.
Busy emotional life. Get ready for great moments in love. There is a chance to meet someone lively and have a lot of fun with them. The strongest theme of your month is creativity, sex, and romance. You are dedicated to your work and commitments, but you will spend part of the month looking for fun. Nothing better for your mind that is already electric. The work receives astral impulse. Pluto brings extra gains from emergency work. Excellent health.
Your home is your kingdom. October activates your home and it is through it that good inspirations come. Meditation, projection and unfolding takes place in the home and the environment has to be harmonized. Perfect time for home office workers. There is work for you and a change comes. After the 10th, Mars opens new perspectives. Stay tuned! A home renovation can drain your money. Do the calculations before you start. Love receives good vibes. Stable health.
Prepare for a time of recollection. This does not mean scarcity or poverty. Keeping to yourself now is a smart act. Stay more at home and work through the home. Prepare your plans, reevaluate your year. There is no stronger place in October than in your home. This is where the answers to future questions lie. Work and money are flowing. Uranus makes love unstable. It’s not such a successful month in intimate relationships. Poor health in the last week.
Venus and the Sun create prosperity. It’s time to work hard and grow in the profession. There are no major career changes, but you can make money and feel happy. Improve your networking. Many opportunities are in the hands of those in charge or popular. These people magnetize opportunities for you. Attend all congresses, events, fairs and happy hour. Show yourself! Love on the rise, especially in the last week. Health strengthened.
changes in Love life. After the 10th, Mars brings news to couples. The relationship is strengthened. Single people are going through a very hectic phase and few will be alone. What was stagnant in the financial sector is beginning to develop. Mercury and Pluto give new rhythm to projects and new work may emerge. There is a good financial return and renewed money for overtime. Get ready for a month with little rest. Balanced health.
an independent phase. You create your own paths with the support of Pluto. October is prosperous and there is encouragement from the moon to find good financial opportunities. An advantage in financial speculation. Practice philanthropy so that abundance is constant. Approach people that are popular and with power. Venus in Scorpio magnetizes success through these people. Attend all events. Love in a good time. Excellent health.
Money comes through networking. Friends bring work and invite you to a new business. You get help from Saturn and make abundant money. A new philosophy or faith comes into your life. Pluto takes care of the renewal of this sector. Approaching Spirituality opens the door to Akashic memory. Write down your dreams. Include philanthropy to keep the Wheel of Fortune spinning. Venus and Mercury balance health. Love is not the focus of the month.
A lot of work requires organization. You can’t keep the whole schedule. Include some breaks. Mars creates good profits and an advantage in speculation. Professional life goes through growth. Organize finances because there isn’t so much money going around for you in the last week. Pay attention to this warning. The money exists until the 22nd! Your health only improves in the last week. Detox. The themes of the heart are not active. You spend the month working.
pluto brings success to professional life. Mercury, Venus and Sun create good opportunities for a new job or more work. There is not so much dedication to the home. Work absorbs your time. Health weakens in the last week. Detox. Love gains strength until the 22nd. After that its lukewarm. Schedule a philosophical activity or a trip. People from other countries or distant regions catch your eye and bring information for your progress.
Your personal power is strengthened. Time to transmute. Leave what is not part of the new phase. Accept the new one. Watch the group and create abundance for the people who work with you. Pay your taxes and debts. After the 10th, news in finance. This change, caused by Mars, brings new money. It may seem that everything has stopped, but it is the Universe rearranging the issues.
There is money in circulation. Excellent health with lots of vital energy. Balanced love.

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