Kwaidan Editions: The Psychic House II

Serving as a continuation of the original “Psychic House” launched in 2019, Kwaidan Editions has revealed its FW21 collection in the sequel “The Psychic House II”. The series of images continues to draw upon a strong absorption of interior environments to represent the spaces that women form from memories, experiences, and the freedom that they find. Each room of the psychic house gives a glimpse into the different emotive and sensory experiences formed by the heroine. Creative director Léa Dickely invites viewers into each pleasurable, resilient, and lush persona of each corner of the house.

Using stripped wooden walls to furniture wrapped in plastic, there is an undertone of preservation and a quiet respite that can be felt. Presenting 27 looks this season, Kwaidan Editions lives to the true interpretation of its name as it creates an aura of ghosts and fantasy that live in the wild and daring imaginations of women. The vision of this collection is shaped around a woman who is discovering intimacy, closeness, and the sense of human embrace in the midst of being isolated. She feels she is living ins skin and bones that do not belong to her, but that of her former self. Featuring plastic-covered coats, latex gear, padded and quilted garments, this collection poses the question we are all asking: What will our emergence from isolation entail?

Image Credit: Kwaidan Editions

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