A strong futuristic feel with a warm, human touch – Jil Sander Autumn-Winter 2018 Menswear

A positive human future. An approach focused on ideas of comfort and protection, while at the same time an emphasis on reducing to the most elemental, the most necessary. What is important to us that we would like to see developed further in the future? How can we improve? What is necessary, and, just as importantly, what is unnecessary? The point of departure for this collection was to look towards the future in a progressive, positive way, and create from a reductive approach. The result is a collection that displays a strong futuristic feel with a warm, human touch.
The collection, while forward-looking in inspiration, is created for the present. The lining construction on tailored pieces both supports the garment and gives the wearer an ease of movement created by horizontal cuts. Contrast stitching
emphasizes this construction. Movement is also enhanced through cut out forms at the elbows and armholes on outerwear and shirts.
The final effect of the collection is that it is a demonstration of how modern technique, silhouette, and materials can be given an elevated refinement. This is not about technology in a futuristic sense, rather an idea that the future is inviting and even positive. The constant march forward can be both a progression as well as an indulgence.
Here are our favorite looks:
Credit: Jil Sander

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