Greater clarity – Your stars for July 2019

July, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
We have reached the maximum moment of retrograde planets. There are 5 Planets: Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury. The novelty of the month is the hacker attack. They attack governments and business accounts, including reaching out to users such as Google users, Instagram, Facebook, and private email accounts. The damage is substantial for media and technology companies. Kiron, an asteroid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Uranus, is also retrograded. Here on Earth, we feel the slowness of events. And when does it end?
On August 1st Mercury returns to its regular movement. The communication is back to it’s best. The equipment and cars come back to work. Antivirus can block hacker attacks.
On August 11th, the movement of Jupiter and Uranus returns to regular. There are not so many surprises and shocking events. The world economy shows good results. There is profit in investments and business. Large events achieve the expected result. Judicial proceedings move quickly.
On September 18th, Saturn returns to its regular movement. The recession loses momentum. Markets return well.
On October 3rd, Pluto returns to its regular movement. Whatever is finished doesn’t come back. There is no pending theme. The end is the real end.
On November 27th, Neptune returns to its regular movement. You can start a project and delegate the remaining steps without fear of mistakes. The teams work with greater clarity and objectivity.
On December 13th, the movement of Kiron returns. Medical treatments are effective. The body heals quickly. Psychological treatments also show results. Body and soul eliminate wounds.
July is a hectic month for all, despite the retrograde Planets. The Earth seems to be idling, but the intimate life is not. Get ready to receive two great opportunities. These are the 2 Eclipses. An Eclipse can affect the next 6 months. Some facts occur in a shocking way. Others lay in waiting until January 2020. Write down your 2 themes. Establish the changes gradually and try to be flexible, since all SIGNS go through personal changes. DO NOT START A COMPANY IN JULY, 2019. Do not open trade, do big business, and avoid surgeries. If you are required to undergo a medical procedure, choose the days 24, 25 and 26 of July. Do not get married and do not get divorced in July, 2019.
ARIES tension with weak health
2nd: Determine what changes will be made at home and schedule repairs. Take care of your health.
16th: Manage well the relationship with your boss and the authorities of your life. Organize finances and redouble your patience in marriage. Things are better after the  21st.
TAURUS a hectic month
2nd: Determine a new way of communicating with fraternal figures. Prepare the reforms that will be made in the home. Your family and health go through instability.
16th: Administer your diet and rest. Be flexible for changes in studies. Crisis in marriage.
GEMINI news in finance
2nd: Determine a new way to deal with money. Establish new strategies for the Semester. Cars and engines can break.
16th: Administer your health with special care. Activate networking and accept changes at work.
CANCER with energy to spare
2nd: Financial improvement and a reinvention of the self. Modify your hair, your look and do not take risks in dangerous situations. Enjoy the good mood!
16th: love and marriage in crisis. Do not marry and do not get divorced. Be gentle with the marks of the past.
LEO happiness and good results
2nd: spiritual changes, new practices in the Faith. Absorb the maximum information in you receive during sleep. Meditate, study new doctrines.
16th: Manage changes at work. Accept a new diet and routine behavior. Improve your life.
VIRGO tranquil month for you
2nd: Choose new social groups and new institutions. True friends will show themselves.
16th: Reinvent the sex life with joy. Learn to have fun on Earth. Spend more time with your kids. Attention redoubled when driving. Engine repairs may be needed.
LIBRA with fragile Health
2nd: Get ready for a career change. New job. Manage well the relationship with authorities.
16th: The family undergoes a transformation and you should be flexible at home. Some repair or work can modify your routine. Reorganize finances.
SCORPIO with a new job
2nd: Get ready for a new job opportunity. It’s a new professional phase. There is a break up with an institution and good travels.
16th: Be flexible with your neighbors and with siblings. Establish the way you want to be seen by others.
SAGITTARIUS a great month with maximum energy
2nd: Prepare to administer an inheritance or indemnification. Money is shared in a new way. Something will be finalized in your life.
16th: Accept spiritual questioning. If necessary, change your doctrine or study a new topic.
CAPRICORN turbulence
2nd: Love and marriage go through a severe crisis. The true relationship will present itself.
16th: Reinvent yourself! Face the personal dramas and look to the past with confidence. Health calls for maximum attention until the 23rd. Do not speculate.
AQUARIUS with new job
2nd: Get ready for change at work and a new routine. There are good opportunities for you.
16th: Accept the questioning about the past. Manage emotions and memories. Open up to become more spiritualized and connect to the Universe. Poor health.
PISCES with new habits
2nd: A lot of work and new proposals to earn some extra money. You modify the diet and establish new habits for good health. Stable love.
16th: friendships will be put to the test. Allow your true friends to reveal themselves. Unstable health.

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