Great challenges – Your stars for August 2018

August, 2018 by ClaudiaVannini

Great challenges in the month that marks the last Eclipse of the Year. The eclipse takes place in Leo on August 11th. This time, you may feel a smaller impact because Mars is retrograde. Only on August 27th, the energy of the Eclipse manifests itself in transformation. Themes that have been stagnant since June are given extra strength. Also take advantage of the return of Mercury to the direct movement, on August 19th. Organize a calendar with 4 special dates:


– August 07th, 2018 – Venus goes into Libra – Excellent commercial moment.
– August 11th, 2018 – Solar Eclipse in Leo – Transformations
– August 19th, 2018 – Mercury in direct movement – Improvement in communication and financial flux in the planet.
– August 27th,2018 – Mars in direct movement – Return of courage and strength to fight our personal battles.


Work with patience for 26 days. The results will appear after the 27th of August. Good Eclipse for all signs! ClaudiaVannini


Mars, your regent, goes into retrograde movement. You feel lost and confused after the 13th. The scenery may seem strange and unknown. The best thing to do is boost your projects, with extra work, between 1st and 10th, on the 11th you’ll experience the Eclipse in the creative sector.

You may have a new idea and you’ll be filled with creative solutions to problems. This is a 6-month cycle, so collect these insights all through the semester. Put them in practice after Mars goes back to its regular movement, on September 10th. It’s a good thing Venus saves your month by collaborating with your emotional and financial life. Even though you are the right character in the wrong play, money still comes your way. Health is stable. Romances move your life and your sex life goes through an agitated time. Children deserve special attention in August, Watch them closely.
Health: Stable
Love: Excellent


Redoubled attention this month. The themes of the Home may need even more attention. You may feel completely immersed in the dramas of the house and family. This may happen because of structural issues that demand renovation or complication with the other inhabitants of the house. The Eclipse shakes up the family. Make the necessary transformation in the building and in the relationships. Mercury makes it easy to make money through the home. Those who work in a Home Office will harvest the benefits. Family members may help with your expenses. Count with them to solve your problems. Your emotions are shaken because your home is your safe place. Avoid projecting your fears into your health. The finances go back to normal after the 19th. Until then keep yourself organized and patient. Strengthen your faith and know this is the last Eclipse of 2018. The final stage of turbulence.
Health: Unstable
Love: Stable


August is a month with little excitement for you. No big changes at work.  The professional life maintains itself with the same themes. The finances, also don’t suffer great changes.  This isn’t a cycle of great prosperity but there aren’t any great obstacles in your finances. The Eclipse moves your 3rd house. This is the opportunity to reformulate the way you communicate. In the next 6 months, you’ll improve the way you speak, write and think. Your mind goes through a time of extreme clarity and this makes all decision easier. While all the other signs are dealing with complex themes, you watch calmly. Give emotional support to others and make the social connections. Use the social media well and stay observant of the oscillation in electronics and cars.
Health: Excellent
Love: Excellent


Mars, in its retrograde movement, turns your professional life around. It’s time to keep yourself focused on the short time goals and keep up with all your obligations. Do not hesitate in this sector. The Eclipse reshapes your finances. There are prosperity and good profits, but you have to review your spendings. There are still excesses and financial mismanagement. Make a thorough planning so that the money reaches the end of the month. Your health is balanced with the ups and downs of the month. Learn to rest in the right moments. Get together with the family and find comfort in the Home. Mercury opens up financial possibilities through social media and marketing. Manage your advertising well and your month will be prosperous. If you work as an employee, move the propagation of your industry, bringing proposals and creative solutions.
Health: unstable
LOVE: excellent


Increase your confidence until August 18th. Retrograde mercury disrupts your finances and you feel pressured by delays. There is no reason to despair. After August 19th, Mercury brings prosperity that lasts until September 23rd. Learn to deal with this differentiated schedule. The Eclipse occurs in your sign. It is the renewal of the Self. Your personality, your self-image, and your confidence are evaluated. The redefinition is painful, but the result will be wonderful for your Semester. A detox may occur in the days leading up to Eclipse. Take it easy and let your body purge what is useless. In addition to all the above changes, you also redefine your career. The work can continue the same, but you position yourself in a more productive and harmonious way. It’s a new Semester that begins!
Health: unstable
LOVE: excellent


An excellent time for you. Prosperous, cheerful and full of opportunities. Venus is at peace with your financial life. The beginning of the month is benefited by Venus in Virgo. Until the 7th, use your astuteness to generate money and personal magnetism. The 07th is an important milestone. Mark it in your calendar. It is the moment when Venus in Libra enters your 2nd House, the House of Money. Nothing is better than to move all the forces and get the maximum of that energy. Until September 9th the doors are open for good deals, contracts and business partnerships. Move with Wisdom. The Eclipse reaches your akashic memory, your deepest memories. Also, use this knowledge to walk the Earth with ease. It’s your past experience.
Health: excellent
LOVE: excellent


Pluto mistreats your financial life, but Jupiter cooperates with you until November 7th. This contradiction balances your finances. Learn to manage these months wisely to maintain prosperity. The Eclipse moves your social life. Social groups can be changed. Old friends pass the test of fidelity. Be ready to renew your friends, institutions, and organizations to which you belong within the next 6 months. It is a salutary change. Once again there is instability in electronics. The Eclipse can fry your smartphone or electrical equipment. Backup your files. Mars moves your sex life and the romances are fleeting. A love of the past can come back. This sector gets quite hectic. Avoid compromise when it comes to the heart.
Health: stable
LOVE: hectic


August comes with a lot of work and an accelerated career. The Eclipse changes the course of your career. Even if you stay in the same job, you will have to take a new position. Travel also involves your month and may occur because of this new professional position. Accept and adapt to the new. Financial health goes through one of the best moments. It is your chance to increase earnings and plan a better future. Home and family demand less attention. The vulnerable point is your health. Mars does not collaborate with your body and you feel worn out and without vitality. Look for natural ways to reconnect your body with cosmic energy. Another factor of wear is the sentimental life. You may feel that love changes direction. Learn to wait for the movements of Venus to understand the phase.
Health: unstable
LOVE: Unstable


Your professional life and love are governed by Mercury. Until the 19th, with Mercury retrograde, you feel stagnant. Do not worry. After that, you’ll have double the agitation in both sectors. There is effective prosperity for you at the end of August. Be ready to travel for work and broaden your horizons. Studies are also a reason to travel. None of this is a problem for you, so leave a suitcase reserved for a quick exit. Eclipse moves your 9th House. In the next 6 months, you redefine your beliefs. Make contacts with other countries and study new topics. It is the best time for a cultural exchange or study of a new language. Love, after the 19th, returns to its normal course. Until then, beware of the illusion generated by Mercury. It is best not to start an affective relationship between 01st and 18th of August.
Health: unstable
LOVE: excellent


Uranus mistreats your financial life. Organize your budget with a safety margin. Some surprises come up in your finances and you spend more than you planned. Professional life goes through changes. It’s a bump in the road. Even if you are in the same job, you will notice that something has been added to your routine. Accept this challenge. The Eclipse moves your 8th house and you have to deal with power. It’s time to solve issues with justice and inheritances. Life insurance is also a theme. When you make contact with the 8th House, you have to deal with birth, death, and rebirth. It can be a theme that is reborn or the end of a story. This is not an easy subject for you, but the Eclipse will show you what’s really important. What has to remain, will remain. Something has to die for the new to arrive.
Health: excellent
LOVE: excellent


Great news in the professional life. Your career is transformed this Semester. August marks the beginning of a new project. It is an important leap in your life and all your energy is put into the realization of that theme. There is prosperity until the 23rd. The last week of August has no financial movement, so schedule yourself to adjust your expenses. The biggest challenge is in the relationship, marriage or partnership. The Eclipse shakes this sector without mercy. Anyone who lives an unstable marriage or partnership may succumb. Anyone who is able to overcome this Semester, maintaining the union, will have defeated a great monster. Your family asks for attention in August, but you need to take care of the profession. It’s a dilemma that leaves you distressed. Remember to fit moments of leisure and rest into your schedule.
Health: unstable
LOVE: Unstable


August comes with a lot of work for you. Your professional life goes into a frenetic cycle. There are new jobs to be run and new places you’ve never thought of tackling. It may be that the work is behind the hills and travel is part of the plan. A new job is also available. This whole turmoil occurs through the Eclipse. Despite so much movement, only after the 13th is money circulating for you. Organize your budget to cope well with this delay. Realize that the Eclipse does a cleanse in your health. Anything that appears new in your body, comes from the purge forced by the Eclipse. Allow the body to go through the necessary detoxification. It seems like a long month but on the 27th you breathe in relief. Mars returns to its direct movement and your financial life improves.
Health: unstable
LOVE: stable

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