Dries Van Noten’s Unisex Fragrances Are Game-Changing

Dries Van Noten developed their collection of unisex fragrances with the idea of awakening emotions and memories through olfactory stimulation.

The bottles are a work of art in themselves. Inspired by antique apothecary vials as an homage to traditional perfumery, each is adorned with colorful glass, hand-painted porcelain, engraved metal, or wood, offering an array of textures. These precious flasks contribute to the intimate nature of the experience.

The line offers a range of genderless scents, designed for any and all occasions. They explore lighter notes, such as their Soie Malaquais, with chestnut and silk, as well as some heftier scents like Rock the Myrrh, offering myrrh and smoked wood. The collection is a walk through Dries’ garden, a rule-breaking and immersive olfactory universe.

Dries Van Noten also makes a point of producing their fragrances in an ethical way. 85% of the ingredients are of natural origin, and the materials that make up the bottles are responsibly sourced.

The collection is available in select Dries Van Noten boutiques, and online.

Credit Images: Dries Van Noten

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