Brioni’s Campaign Featuring Brad Pitt

The images for this year’s Brioni Campaign are featured with Brad Pitt, with the photographer Mikael Jansson at the legendary Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, a great sense of relaxed atmosphere is shown through the softly tinted pictures.

As the model, Pitt’s dressing aesthetic demonstrates embodies the Brioni man, as he radiates a modern yet timeless look. Brioni, as one of the most prestigious men’s clothing brands in the world, its most remarkable selling point leads to excellent tailoring, which represents an absolutely high level of suit tailoring.

The subtle and muted colours in this collection are inspired by Roman culture and with ultra-soft and comfortable materials. The conversations and expressions from the Eternal City have inspired the look of Brioni, so that a silhouette of elegance, timelessness and fluidity is smoothly conveyed.

Image Credit: Brioni

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