Another great ADVENTURE – Your stars for December 2019

DECEMBER, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
Do you think that December will be a shorter month? The Astral brings a lot of movement. Let’s do our Monthly Calendar?
02nd – Jupiter in Capricorn – Everyone has second intentions. Do not underestimate people.
04th – Waxing Moon – Nothing is solved. Do not modify the projects. Wait.
08th – Avoid important decisions, there is no clarity.
11th – disruptions, removal of political leaders.
12th – Full Moon – Collect the fruits of your work
13th – return of physical energy, cure of diseases, kiron in direct movement. Good news in medicine and biology. News about cure of diseases. Collective and political manifestations.
15th – a lucky day
18th – last day for signing contracts.
19th – Waning Moon – start inventory of the month. Perfect until the 25th, for surgery
20th – Venus in Aquarius – Universal love on the rise. Charity and philanthropy.
Between Dec 20th and Jan 11th – Plane crashes, cars. Hackers in action and invasion of privacy by electronics. IT professionals work like crazy.
21st – Healing of affections and loves
22nd – The Capricorn Cycle begins. Congratulations to you! The strength of the planet.
Crisis between countries. Oil, energy sources in dispute.
24th – Contingencies and accidents after 18hs. Landslides, flooding and dam breaks. A tumultuous Christmas for the Planet.
26th – NEW MOON. Don’t plant new projects because it’s also Solar Eclipse day.
The CAPRICORN SOLAR ECLIPSE takes place on December 26th, 5h16 AM GMT. Moment of renewal for all SIGNS. Read your sign and Ascendant to know which sector will be busiest.
27th – Presidential Statements
29th – Mercury in Capricorn- right and emotionless decisions
31st – delicate and sensitive relationships
Leave your work organized until Jan 5th, 2020. Do not leave pending matters. End 2019 well. Upon returning on January 6th, we will find a transformed Planet Earth. New concepts, new world politics. Everything will be easier if there is no work pending from the previous year. Clean the table, drawers and cabinets. Water the plants or take them home.
End a Cosmic Cycle with Gratitude.
Thank you for your FRIENDSHIP during 2019. Our seventh year together. I can say that 2019 was a breakthrough for me and many scholars of the Cosmos. And what will 2020 look like? Another great ADVENTURE, as is the planet Earth. Grateful for the opportunity. ClaudiaVannini.
Prepare yourself for the third professional jolt this year. Solar ECLIPSE moves work. There are good opportunities coming, but you can change company or position. Open up to this transformation. There is no shortage of money. Avoid big trips after December 25th. Get some rest. Unstable health. Love with good times.
ECLIPSE drives your desire for knowledge and new cultures. You want to travel far, hear another language and explore other worlds. These trips involve mental escapades. You seek new philosophies and can break with an old faith. It is a cultural transformation that takes place. Stable health and work. Unstable love.
Resumption of personal power. If you have been fragile, get ready to become a powerful “monster”. That’s what Eclipse promises you. All power brings responsibility, so share that strength. Sex life is highlighted in December. Good health. There is money and work. Excellent love. Avoid travel after Christmas. Double your attention with electronics.
Marriage and Society! These are your themes for December. ECLIPSE shakes the relationship. It may be the opportunity to love again. There is a reassessment about partners and partnerships. Another chance to reinvent your life in a positive way. There is work and money. Health suffers a lot. Only spend money after December 22nd.
ECLIPSE moves your routine. Get ready to change your habits. Reassess your diet, exercise, addictions, and change what doesn’t work. Organize your schedule. Eclipse has the power to transform. For you comes a good change at work. There is money and a lot of activity. Love in high and stable health.
The themes for December are dating, romance, creativity, fun and kids. ECLIPSE moves these sectors. If you have children, get ready to devote yourself to them. If not, enjoy the moment to have more fun. Your social life collaborates with business. Attend events after December 20th. Great health and love in good time.
ECLIPSE moves your Home. Your home can be remodeled or you can make a geographical change. The family increases. This can come through son-in-laws and daughters-in-law or babies arriving in the family group. Relations at home are not so harmonious. Health is the weak point of the month, so reduce the schedule. Stable work. Unstable love.
Changes in relationships with siblings and finances. Eclipse shakes your financial life and brings good opportunities. It’s time to choose what really brings money. There is increased knowledge and better communication skills. Communicate by writing. Make your own Christmas cards. Health and love in good phase.
Money is your theme in this Eclipse. It is not enough to know how to win. You will change the financial management of the home or office. There is plenty of money coming in December, but you’ll be stingy. It is the beginning of financial restructuring. Health is great and love gets a boost. Be careful when driving, especially on December 26th.
Solar ECLIPSE is in your zodiac sign. Moment of renewal and rediscovery. Rebirth. Work and money at a great time. The weak point is health. Eclipse moves your body and you have to eliminate everything that intoxicates the body. Start December with a light diet. There is interest in studying Faith. Love in good time.
Solar Eclipse moves your past. Time to perfect Soul and Behavior studies. Meditation, Yoga and Astrology call to you more strongly. Regression from past lives is also a concern from now on. December promises turbulence in love, electronics and cars. Nothing new at work and in health.
A welcome change is scheduled for you. Solar ECLIPSE affects your working life. It can be a job promotion or new job offer. Attend all work-related social events. Step up on your Networking. It’s time for the group to turn around. Unstable love.
Health improves greatly after the 21st.

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