Alessandra Rich AW21 Collection – Lust Days

Dressed in drama, boldness, and the juxtaposed battle of naughty and nice, Alessandra Rich paints a picture of the woman who represents her AW21 collection. Someone who loves attention but does not beg for it; A woman of mischief, self-expression and unashamed seduction. This collection introduces a flirtatious twist to the prim and proper “ladylike” tweed sets. Each piece dons illustrious details that contrast the Kate Middleton-esque demure and instead offer a hint of playfulness. There is no question of whether the collection lives up to its name of “Lust Days”, manifesting the powerful sensation of lust in each curated detail. Such tongue-in-cheek  statements are not foreign to Rich, who keeps her designs fresh despite her tribute to vintage styles. From velvet and tulle combinations to stilettos sporting rhinestones, Alessandra’s AW21 collection is well on its way to becoming a cult favorite among confident women.

Image Credit: Alessandra Rich

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