Acne Studios – From Dreamscape to Clarity

For the Women’s Fall/Winter collection, the creative director of Acne Studios Jonny Johansson got inspiration from isolation. He explained: “I was thinking about what happens when we emerge from isolation, the same but also somehow different. This collection is a dreamscape that begins with soft pastel colours, before awakening into monochromatic clarity, which is an ode to the white or black clothes worn for rituals in our life cycle, like weddings and funerals.” The presentation indicated a timeline of life, reflected a cognition of fashion and nature.

Starting with an oversized wrap coat, Acne Studios presented a combination of boldness and softness. The big volume of the shape and the flowing beauty of the little floral print formed a sharp contrast, which demonstrates the fact that all these pieces came from this idea of the dreamscape.

Johansson claimed that he wished there to be an almost kitsch feeling in this collection so that it can express a sense of familiarity for people and reflect nicely with the theme of dreams. Elegance and formality bring a strong visual impact through this concept, which raised up from an unexceptional attempt – experimenting with “the kitsch”.

Weddings and funerals are two events Johansson includes in his collection’s inspiration, by explaining these familiar but emotional life occasions, he puts this metaphor in “the awakening from the dreamscape”, which was presented in the show from a soft atmosphere to the monochromatic looks in the end. This is a thought-provoking collection, and it has a strong potential to cause a change in the way we look at fashion traditionally.

Image Credit: Acne Studios

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