Acne Studios Denim – Greeting the Original Design

In the Fall/Winter 2021 selection, Acne Studios refers back to one of their most initial and inspiring designs – denim jeans. In 1996, ‘Acne’ was at a transferring point from a media company to a fashion studio, as the creative leader Jonny Johansson created 100 pairs of raw denim jeans with red stitching. Instead of putting them in the commercial market, he spreads this signature design within Stockholm’s creative underground by giving them away to friends and families. After the rapid growth of the popularity, these denim products eventually involved the collective into the fashion house which is known nowadays as Acne Studios.

With this background, denim has become the core element of Acne Studios, this material has a permanent presence within the brand. For this season’s creative aesthetic, the inspiration comes from retro camping and outdoor living. The ‘into the woods’ feeling brings a lived-in lifestyle, as the new treatments such as ‘Earth’ and ‘Clay blue’ are offering more sense of deconstruction and multi-patch treatment.

The FW 2021 denim selections are available in all Acne Studios stores and also on the official website.

Image Credit: Acne Studios

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