A month of learning – Your stars for November 2019

November, 2019 by ClaudiaVannini
Uranus and Mercury are retrograded. November’s astral scene calls for intelligence, wisdom, and compassion. Mars moves occult and powerful forces. Mercury creates mismatches and electronic failures. There are power outages, computer network outages, and hacking invasion. Uranus promises to bring back something that was dead. Here on Earth, it’s an adventure every day. We asked to be here. We ask for the chance to live this moment with this group. It is our great opportunity! November is a month of learning. Those who accept learning on Earth see the Planetary moment as the best class. And with the best teacher. Those who expect to be individually benefited suffer more. Mars takes many to the extreme of anger and indignation. The blind anger. Hatred destroys.
You can meditate, exercise, and study nonviolent communication. You can evolve into chaos. It is a personal choice. The Planet suffers an eruption that breaks asphalt and elevates highways. #WORMHOLE The United States must remain observant of a lethal gas attack. The planet is in cramps. We are the balance of those who cannot stand the pressure of their own positions. We are an organism. One organ works bent twice as much when the other is fragile. Keep your mind focused on collective progress. Sow compassion and affection. It is the only way to shield humanity from the effects of Mars on Scorpio.
Let’s organize the monthly schedule?
Nov 11th – Between 3 PM GMT and 5 PM GMT an excellent time for business
Nov 12th – Full Moon – Time to work hard on your projects
Nov 19th – Waning Moon – time to analyze what has been achieved
Nov 19th – Mars in SCORPIO – only enter disputes after planning carefully
Nov 20th – Mercury in Direct movement – Business Gains Strength
Nov 26th – NEW Moon – Time to launch your projects and start the new lunar cycle.
Nov 27th – Neptune in Direct movement – Only URANUS and Kíron are retrograde
Great Moment! The career remains strong. November brings more work and new possibilities. You can change job to a better location. In this new place, greater recognition for their skills. You feel powerful and capable of achieving any goal. Love also promises fun. Health is strengthened. Prevent sexually transmitted diseases and let your libido flow. There is an interest in travel. The second half of the month is powerful!
Organize your finances. November is weak in financial gains. There is work but reduced. You may lose overtime or some benefit. This causes the money to be used for everyday spending. No extravagances. This moment is torture for you, who love the beautiful things that are for sale. But, it’s a moment. Be wise and master buying impulses. Excellent health until the 15th. Vulnerable liver. Great love after the 19th.
A month with specific moments. Move the wheel of fortune until the 12th. After that, just manage. Money has to last until the 30th, but your earnings are stronger until the 12th. Knowing this, rearrange expenses and avoid big financial decisions. This is not a good time for financial speculation. The work is there, but you don’t have the heart to go beyond the basics. Exercise to break down energy stagnation. Good health until the 22nd. Excellent love.
Prepare for hard work and financial growth. November is a prosperous month. Watch every opportunity and make it happen. You are in the process of raising money and putting it under the mattress. This financial stock provides good purchases at a low price. You’re right. Keep this idea. Invest in studying a new theme and open horizons for 2020. Remember to have fun and rest from so many hours of work. Good health after the 19th. Love in crisis.
The theme of the month is your family and your home. Another month to focus on your nest. There is work for you, but finances don’t move so fast. Organize the budget and try to work out the emotional issues. Search for some hobby or sport. Your mind produces more in November when you have fun. Walk around and have a good laugh. Love still goes through crises. Health presents improvement and energetic strengthening. After the 21st, everything gets easier for you.
November has limited earnings. Knowing this, cut back on expenses and manage whatever comes. The job is there, but you have financial blocks. This is the time to ask for help from the family. Your home is a foundation for this month. Get a Psychologist and understand why financial clutter happens. The last week of the month has better earnings. Focus when driving vehicles. Avoid financial speculation. Health goes very well until the 22nd. Stable love.
Excellent financial moment. You work hard and earn overtime. Enjoy this phase! Stay tuned for an invitation for a professional partnership. Accept it! Joining another professional or another company brings advantages in November and for the whole of 2020. If you see the opportunities, you will now plant your work opportunities for the next 14 months. Save money for December. Get routine medical checkups even if you are fine. Health with increasing improvement. Excellent love.
A beautiful month for you! There is work, new opportunities, and money going around. Life is smiling and you enjoy every moment. This perfect scenario may suffer interference from Mars. Work on the themes “nonviolent communication” and “releasing anger through sport”. Everything that is working well can be lost if anger takes over. Knowing this, do not allow it to take hold of you. Study the theme and master it mentally. Excellent love until the 25th. Excellent health.
The theme of the month is prosperity and hard work. You get an astral boost in finance and have Venus’ support to make progress. Get ready to earn more. November offers overtime and you are very happy with this opportunity. This period is happier than in previous months. You can plan a trip. Love goes through a crisis. Do not confront your significant other at this time. Health is restored. After the 20th, everything happens faster for you.
There is work for you. November brings new opportunities. Realize that this opportunity may be in an area other than yours. Ponder whether you are willing to change your career to make a profit. November calls for courage to open new fronts of interest. Immerse yourself in studies and broaden the scenery. Not every result comes now. It’s a month of planting for 2020. Great gains in the last week of the month. Good health after the 20th. Fragile intestine. Love in crisis.
There is a lot of work for you. November brings extra gains and a lot of effort to win. And you win. In this battle to conquer a new sector, money is made and health is lost. Control the anger. Study the theme “controlling anger through exercise” and “nonviolent communication”. The month has electronics and cars in crisis. Prevent sexually transmitted diseases. You go through a phase of high libido. Stable health and love on the rise. Crisis in the family.
Your life needs cleaning. Your liver too. Rearrange your diet and avoid alcohol consumption. Seek alternative therapy to balance the liver. Do the same in finances. Cut unnecessary spending and focus money in one place. If you have multiple credit cards, only use one. There are good times at work with support from Mars. The work remains stable. It is not a time of great growth, but of stability. Good health until the 20th. Love is great.

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