A lot of things to talk and a lot to do with Mercury in GEMINI. This is the best moment to act, to use the mind to communicate and to solve problems at work and at home. We need to remember to be polite because Mercury in Gemini is smart and in " />

The the best moment to act – Your stars for August 2016

A lot of things to talk and a lot to do with Mercury in GEMINI.
This is the best moment to act, to use the mind to communicate and to solve problems at work and at home. We need to remember to be polite because Mercury in Gemini is smart and in some way walk very fast. Let´s remember our family, our friends and the big family EARTH. 

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

August, 2016

After a period of deep personal analysis, you live in August a month full of new opportunities and creativity. The best way to progress now is to forget your individual goals and work in line with the group goals. Your network will be extended and, if you know how to share, you’ll gain prosperity and spiritual support. Health is good and this is the perfect month to address health issues that are pending. You work well but also has financial return. It is a prosperous month.

Until August 22 you must live with all that has been transformed in 2016. New opportunities will arise in the last week and you will live the most fun moments and opportunities to enjoy life. Your health also improves later in the month and the challenge is to wait for the right time to put things in the format you want. Do not think that everything is at a stand still in the first 22 days. Inside you there is a great revolution taking place that affects the family bases. Keep the balance between work and family.
Love life in a confrontational moment. Marriages and relationships will be tested. Companies and professional partnerships also undergo reassessment. It is a month for final decisions and only structured agreements will survive. Health deserves special attention until 22nd. Include moments of rest during your daily journey. The highlight of August is the good communication that you develop and can save your month. Put your strength in household structure and finish dramas of the past. Take care of yourself with love and stay serene in the profession.
You live a month full of opportunities for social growth and also opportunities in romance. Saturn brings you emotional stability. Be very careful with small accidents after the 9th. By the 22nd, you have great opportunities for financial growth and, after that, focus your energy in the search for new knowledge. The best opportunities will be very close to you, there is no need to cross oceans to make good contacts. Enough attention to meet with professionalism all those who depend on you.
A lot of energy and great health. You live a prosperous and full work time. Prosperity brings power and coping well with power is a great challenge for your sign. Try to share the benefits you receive with generosity and creativity. The greatest difficulty of the month is the affective life. Uranus, the planet that guides love for you, is in retrograde motion and you feel that there is a void in your heart. Fill that void with love and wisdom. When creating way for other signs to grow with you, harmony settles.
August is a month with good and new opportunities for jobs. Mercury brings a sense of prosperity and you shine naturally. This will be noticed by people and your relationships take new shape after the 5th. There are changes coming. Venus collaborates a lot with your financial life and it’s time to become independente. Include people of your home at this time of growth, create opportunities for other signs and avoid isolating yourself. This wave of prosperity expands when you celebrate life with generosity.
August is a very busy month for you, Libra. There is intellectual growth, contact with foreigners and improved communication. Your financial life improves a lot. You’ve been waiting a long time for this good phase. Month to month you expand your financial bases, as it is the beginning of a cycle of prosperity. With so many things going on, you seek spiritual growth and trips are welcomed to expand the search for the Divine or study another culture. There is balance in health. Be careful with minor accidents, minimal things caused by recklessness.
You are full of energy and independence. You feel in command to create what you want and achieve professional and financial growth. With all this movement, your health can be ignored and become debilitated after the 9th. It is the energy of Mars pressing your body. Include moments of rest, since there are financial growth and much work to be done. A new job may arise. Embrace new opportunities and use the force of Mars for your benefit. In love, new relationships emerge after the 22nd. Get involved without fear.

Get ready for a busy month. Financial prosperity, clarity of thoughts and love in high. Enjoy up to the 22nd to organize your financial life because the month will be full of social gatherings and professional meetings. Mercury moves your professional life and there is not much time to take care of home and family. Try to balance these two sectors and keep your mood in short reins. Mars adds irritation where should be only dynamic. The intense life is a joy to you, but others may feel your absence.

You live a moment of great personal transformation. You can organize your financial life, your diet, and the way you deal with emotions. Everyone will notice that you are more balanced and happier. It is a time of personal and professional growth. If looking for a new job in August, new opportunities present themselves. Health is also high and love occurs naturally with a more intense sexual life. It is the birth of a new self. After complicated months, it’s time to transmute energies, to accept the renewal of old themes and forgive the mistakes of the past.

Your health needs special attention in August. You go through a very busy period and can somatize some tension in the physical body. There is much work to be done but maybe the financial return is not what you expected. Only after 22nd you should be able to organize your finances. In a phase like that the ideal is to accept the support of partners and family. Much attention with minor accidents and the mood swings caused by Mars. It is a phase with less independence and a good opportunity to learn new ways of relating.

August is the best month to partnerships, formation of new companies or marriage. Social life is still busy and you get to know different people with artistic skills and a new intellectual approach. Sarting on the 2nd, you feel Mars activating your professional life. In addition, Jupiter collaborates and also moves your career, bringing success in this sector. With so much excitement, remember to relax and watch your diet. It is a month of  much growth that facilitates engagement with new groups. Now is the time to seize the opportunities.

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