Y.C.B. – How to nail the gentlemen’s look

What are the essentials to a modern Gentlemen’s Look?

Before meeting Brother and Sister Xing and Jenny, the founders of Y.C.B, I did not know much about Pocket Squares. I had no idea that there are so many  details that make a complete gentlemen’s look. This all changed after I interviewed Xing and Jenny for Fashion One Television.

The SS2015 Collection is modern and playful yet elegant and features neckties, pocket squares, handkerchiefs, scarves, underwear and leather goods for men.

Little details make a huge difference and that is why they founded Y.C.B. aka Young Chinese Blood in 2014 in Shanghai. I am very sure that we will hear a lot more about this up-and-coming brand.

Take a look at their newest collection. With Y.C.B. in your pocket you will be perfectly equipped for the Summer. 🙂



 kai-li pool ycb

The Y.C.B Silk Scarf can also be folded and used as a Bandana:) Thanks for all the gifts!!

I adore Y.C.B. <3

For more infos visit their website:


Watch the Y.C.B. Interview:

YCB Interview

Thanks for reading:)

by Kai-Li

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Kai-Li Ma

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