Out of the Woods: Chanel Fall/Winter 2018

Gabrielle Would Be Proud

As Parisians and fashion week attendees hit the streets of Paris, the hustle and bustle swallows them up as they race from show to show. Meanwhile, as springtime commences and the trees begin to blossom along the Seine, the sparkling Grand Palais has been internally transformed into an autumnal wonderland.

On Tuesday, the last scheduled show in Paris was as it should be, decked out in tweed. Stomping atop fallen leaves, and underneath the glass ceiling of the Grand Palais, the Chanel Fall/Winter 2018 collection came to life. Creative director since 1983, Karl Lagerfeld, examined the atmosphere that he had designed, and later realized it resembled his childhood home that rested in the middle of a forest.

“I realized very much later that it’s very me, very much my taste, and its very Chanel” -Karl Lagerfeld



The collection included pieces of delicacy drenched in vibrant autumnal designs and colors. Mismatched earring sets decorated each look with a sense of put-togetherness. Messy-buns look neat, adding to these women’s energy with a nonchalant perfectness to their looks. Shimmering tights lined, long legs and plunged into gold, glowing boots or dark loafers. Elongating, classic, elegant gloves of pink, orange, gold and green scaled bare arms. Long versions of tweed coats were established on the harvested runway as well as Victorian style blouses topped with long blazers of spirited colors. Clutched handbags made an appearance as Chanel 31, a new statement handbag to soon hit boutiques. From the 2.55, the Classic flap, the Boy, and the Gabrielle, Chanel has not hit failure when it comes to the success and popularity of their carefully designed handbags.

With every look in the collection that flaunted down the middle of the Grand Palais, Chanel made sure they had their own character and aura of style. A collection for the people, Chanel is sure to have you dreaming of fall, and we haven’t even hit spring yet!

Our favorite looks from the show:


















credit: Chanel


Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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