How will this app change your life (only for girls – or for guys if you’re trying to get girls)

Nowadays we basically have an App for everything and our lives literally depend on our smartphones – we have snapchat to make us beautiful (even on our worst days those little bunny ears make us look super cute); Instagram to keep us up-to-date (who really watches the news anyways?!) or Uber to zip us from A to Z. But which App can actually improve our daily lives and optimize our game for us to be on point 24/7?
The answer is: Ovy. A must-have for all the Girls out there and finally the perfect App for “that”. And, by “that” we mean your period.

Keeping track of your period is important for a number of reasons, primarily health-related. Additionally, thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to keep track of not just your menstrual cycle, but your moods, physical symptoms and even food cravings at specific times of the month.

By now there are many apps out there to help you keep tabs on your cycle, but Ovy takes it to the next level for girls on the go, who can’t afford to be out of office because “its that time of the month” –
Ovy predicts when your next period will arrive, how long it will stick around, when you’re most fertile and what premenstrual symptoms you should expect – and everything  happens digitally. To optimize your well-being Ovy offers an integrated Health Coach to help minimize the effects of PMS. According to the phase of your cycle, it gives you valuable tipps on nutrition and exercise. It can even completely eliminate symptoms like cramping or mood swings.


How exactly does Ovy work? 

Ovy connects cycle app and fertilitythermometer. Ovy’s algorithm is based on the wellrecognized symptothermal method for fertility tracking and is a class 1 medical product. Every morning you orally take your temperature at the same time with the Ovy Basalthermometer (difference to a normal thermometer: it has two decimal places after the comma). To get best results the app relies on your help and bodily signs: enter your temperature into the app and give it more more details on your mood, sleep, activities, sexlife, etc. to get the highest accuracy.

According to the provided information Ovy’s algorithm then calculates how fertile you are and either gives you a green or red light. The Health Coach gets you through the day during each phase of your cycle and supplies you with valuable tipps on what to eat and how to work out.  “We want to open a taboo topic in society and help women globally reach their personal “fertility goals” by using smart technology.” says Lina Wüller, Co-Founder of Ovy.

Eva & Lina Wüller, Founders of Ovy

Why should you track your cycle? 

The menstrual cycle is tied very closely to a woman’s overall well-being, so there is great value in tracking your period, PMS, and symptoms and pains throughout your cycle. If you are trying to get pregnant it can significantly speed up the process. When practiced properly it can also be used as a completely natural form of birth control.
It helps you to get to know your body better and take control of your reproductive health – knowing all this information can give you a boost of self-confidence and help you use your cycle as an advantage in your everyday life.

Time to hack your cycle, Girls ! 

Download “Ovy” on the App Store or Google Play. Get the Thermometer on and check out the Website for more Details.

Oh and Guys, it helps to know whats going on in a girls panties, if you’re trying to get in them 😉  

Credit picture: Ovy

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