Welcome, 2017! Year ruled by Saturn. A new cycle that lasts 36 years. Until 2053, this is the Grand Regent. The years will have their own regents starting at 2018, but always influenced by this Greater Regent.

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Welcome, 2017! – Your stars for January.

Welcome, 2017! Year ruled by Saturn. A new cycle that lasts 36 years. Until 2053, this is the Grand Regent. The years will have their own regents starting at 2018, but always influenced by this Greater Regent.

When Saturn is in charge, the rules and guidelines are followed with greater caution. He is the great teacher in charge, the Lawgiver and collector of karmic debts.

The main themes are responsibility, organization, discipline and the norm. Dreams and daydreams can not find space this year. Living with reality is the biggest challenge. This involves where we live, the people we live with, the assets we have and the way we deal with the challenges. Saturn brings knowledge. It is the visit of one who knows all the Eras and challenges of Humanity. He is the cold disciplinarian who rewards those who are persistent, responsible and competent. The projects are pursued with tenacity and organization. The Law is reviewed and applied severely. Expansion only occurs when there is legal basis, study of strategies, analysis of consequences and accurate calculation of costs. There are great opportunities for those who are dedicated to a profession and to constant study. There are restrictions on those who are irresponsible and impatient. The lessons of Saturn occur at the right time. Lesson not learned, tends to be repeated. This is the biggest lesson of 2017. For Jupiter to act with expansion in 2018, some sectors need to be reorganized. That is the task of Saturn in 2017. Paving the way for the expansion, which will only come in 2018. That doesn’t mean it is a year of restrictions. If the steps are given as far as the legs can reach, 2017 promises good achievements and old scores. People are eliminated from some groups, simply because they do not wear the jersey, they are not part of the team. Serious companies grow a lot because the markets want security.

In terms of health, the most sensitive points are the bones, skin, hair and teeth. The sectors in high are Orthopedics, Dentistry, Dermatology, Physiotherapy, Aesthetics, Magisterium, Advocacy and Magistrate, Industry, Administrative and High Accountability Positions, Civil Construction, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Project Management, Financial Management, Administration, Banks and Investments, Financial Market, Entrepreneurship and Priesthood.

Weddings and alliances are signed. Relationships based on lies or deception end. Many get married while many get divorced. Countries that have controversial politics and corruption are punished and stagnant in time. Those who are strict in regard to promises made grow.
The UK is the biggest beneficiary this year.
Everything started in 2018 will have a better result than in 2017. Even if some lessons are hard, the Planet will be more efficient by the end of 2017.
Years ruled by Saturn: 1914, 1921, 1928, 1935, 1942, 1946, 1953, 1960, 1967, 1974, 1985, 1992, 1999, 2006 and 2013

Happy 2017 to all the Signs! Namaste

Great spiritual transformations in 2017. These transformations question your mission on Earth and how you deal with money and possessions. There is opportunity to unite vocation and intuition. Everything you prepare this year is harvested in 2018. There are great benefits in the Love life. Love occurs naturally. It is a prosperous year, marked by months of great progress and a few months of stagnation. In any case, it is a financially stable year. Luck in real estate deals. The home goes through confusions and some problems related to parents. Your health needs attention throughout the year. Do not ignore small problems and avoid radical changes in your daily life. Include physical exercise in your routine. 2017 moves your creativity, the way you have fun, your health, your spirituality and the way you share your karmic resources.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: business with other countries, import, export, courses, lectures, training and teaching.
HEALTH: attention to the Muscular System, anxiety and the Respiratory System.

2017 marks a change in your material world. In addition to thriving, you will have an interest in humanitarian activities. It’s a new way of understanding money. You are the most benefited sign in Love. There is charisma, sensuality and philosophical interaction. The lovers’ minds are in tune. There are no major career changes, this shows that you can maintain the current situation. If you go through changes, they have little impact. Financially, the year is prosperous. It all depends on your effort, there are no Planets hindering your success. The Home goes through imbalances until August’s Eclipse. Children are the unstable point of the family. Health is great. This will reflect in a good personal presentation. Your appearance will be the mirror of that inner well-being. The themes that are the focus in 2017: love, family, creativity, children and work.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Science, technology, virtual commerce, arts and entertainment.
HEALTH: Attention to the liver, kidneys, throat and cervical spine.

2017 moves your spiritual life. Small details bring clarity for you to understand your mission on Earth. In Love, things are blocked. Romances or marriage, which do not fit your requirements, are eliminated. Only at the end of the year do you have fun again in the affective sector. Financial life does not have great oscillations. Professional life is going through good times. A career change or promotion comes on time. The highest demands of the year are family-related. Your relatives may need you a lot. A new house is part of your year. Your health needs attention until September. Take routine medical checkups. 2017 transforms your life into the affective sector, marriage, creativity, home, emotional health, the desire for new knowledge and search for new philosophies.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Arts, Third Sector, Entertainment, Products for children.
HEALTH: Attention to the liver, Respiratory System, Spine and Reproductive System.

2017 brings changes in professional life and you find your true vocation. It’s a year to embrace your biggest professional dreams. Single people become critical about love. Married people go through great tests to keep the relationship. Financial life faces ups and downs. There are good opportunities to make money, but there are months where nothing happens. It is necessary to organize yourself financially. There is a possibility of moving to a larger home. Start imagining a new residence. Some friends will be taken from your life for your sake. Your health needs care. Stress drains vital energy. 2017 brings great changes in your emotional life, the way you enjoy yourself, your Home, your finances and the way you communicate. Studying a theme you never imagined is part of the year.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Real Estate, Technology, Media, Speculation, Science Research
HEALTH: Attention to kidneys, gall bladder, liver, colon, emotions and Digestive System

2017 broadens the way you understand the world. You are interested in new knowledge and studies are part of your year. Love is stable. There is only disruption to those relationships that are already deteriorating. Again, Love and knowledge mingle. You are interested in people who bring culture into your life. Finances go through a stable period. You see the good opportunities to make money. The career is also stable and there are few changes in this sector. Home is strengthened. There is the possibility of a move to a larger residence with better opportunities for fun for everyone. Your health is strengthened, the old diseases are treated with ease and you feel more positive. 2017 brings movement to the  Home, self-image, studies, new philosophies and prosperity.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Real Estate, Food, Psychology and Commerce.
HEALTH: Attention to the Column, anxiety, Colon, Liver and Reproductive System.

Great changes in the way you see Love, whether or not you are in an affective relationship. You find the love you need within yourself and carry that learning all year long. Relationships go through great confusion. Those who are healthy relationships survive. Your career has stability until June and specific changes in the second half. There are financial improvements and you can accumulate money during the year. It is a larger amount than you are accustomed to. Working close to home or in a Home Office is ideal for this year. Family issues were resolved in previous years. Now Home is where you mentally organize yourself. Your energy gets lower and it affects your physical health. 2017 brings movement to your faith, the way you communicate, the affective relationships, the patrimony and the Self.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Speculation, entertainment, hospitality, products for children.
HEALTH: Attention to the Reproductive System, Endocrine system and Muscular System.

2017 stirs emotional issues. You question how you can deal with your emotions and you understand the effects of your thoughts on the body. The quest for a therapist is natural and brings great benefits. Affective life becomes unstable. In some phases you live a great love, in other months you prefer freedom. Friends seem more interesting than serious dating. There is success in financial life and also an improvement in self-image. Financially there is balance throughout the year. The best months for finances are October, November and December. The Home remains confused. If there were ruptures in the family, now it’s time to make the house cozy. Your health is weak. Balance vital energy and include bathing in the routine. 2017 moves the financial life, social groups and self-image.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Luxury, Hospitality, Design, Food, Real Estate.
HEALTH: Attention to fatigue, kidneys and emotions.

2017 brings movement to the love life for singles. Venus has many options and fast dating. The married are still married. Professional life undergoes several changes and you have to work hard to achieve return. Your financial growth occurs in October, November and December, but it is something remarkable. It is more money than you are accustomed to. It is important to organize the financial life to take a breather there. Home is favored and there are good opportunities to develop a job from home. Your health is great and you feel the vital energy returning. Your greatest growth in 2017 is in the Self, in the professional life, in big companies and in group activities. The passage of Jupiter through your 12th House moves your spiritual life and completely transforms your faith. 2017 marks your spiritual awakening.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Fashion, art, beauty, oil / gas speculation
HEALTH: Attention to the Endocrine System and the Colon.

2017 marks a change in the way you handle money. You make the connection between money and energy and you understand the paths to prosperity. Love does not go through major changes, you have the challenge this year to convey your true feelings and be frank in the affective area. The year is prosperous. Contact with other countries brings good results. Keep your investment plans and budget organization. The career is strengthened. The family goes through tensions, especially in the Eclipses. Children and new family members arrive and there is a need for a larger house. Your physical health is strengthened, while your emotional health needs moments of rest from  an excess of stress. 2017 brings movement to you group of friends, work colleagues, Faith, contacts with other countries and the career.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Airline industry, entrepreneurship, education and speculation.
HEALTH: Attention to the liver, kidneys, cervical spine and throat.

Great changes in the physical body. You transform the way you present yourself on Earth. Social life gets very busy and new friends arrive. There are no major changes in the affective life, but no Planet disrupts the encounter of true love. Financially, you get tired of the low yield of your investments. At this point, stay tuned. Speculation is not the ideal practice for you in 2017. Keep your patience as 2018 brings better opportunities for your money to grow. Professionally it is a moment of success and promotions in work. In the family, disruptions can occur and the home is unstable. Health is going through a good time. Each month you feel stronger. 2017 brings movement to the group of friends, the companies with whom you work, the career, the faith and the contact with other countries.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Technology, teaching, psychology and foreign trade.
HEALTH: Attention to teeth, skin, Muscular System and Bone.

2017 transforms your beliefs. Your spirituality is tested and new paths are taken to find the divine. Love goes through oscillations. You can decide to get married, but everything can end in a few months. Do not get carried away with that. Dating and marriages that are already confused, can reach a definitive rupture. The finances are in great moment. Your career brings growth and you are benefited by people who have lived with you for many years. The Home undergoes transformations and there are disorders that continue among the relatives. This phase lasts all year. Work on this theme with greater dedication. Your health is going through a great time and collaborates with the prosperous phase that you live. 2017 moves your contact with other countries, your faith, the affective life, the marriage and the way you share your karmic history.
BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Financial speculation in Oil / Gas and Foreign Trade.
HEALTH: Attention to the Digestive System.

2017 brings a complete change in how you manage your health, food, and how you take care of your body. You will see that your body asks for special attention, as well as the emotional issues that need to be addressed. This will happen naturally throughout the year. There are great possibilities to find a partner and there is a lot of sexual activation in 2017. Professional life depends a lot on your networking. Friends point you to good opportunities. Financially you have a good time, but you are still challenged to plan your financial life. You can change your residence and expand your family. Health is strengthened, and your new daily habits collaborate with good medical results. 2017 moves your affective, sexual life, contact with other countries and new philosophies of life, improves your health and your daily life. BENEFITED INVESTMENTS: Technology, import and export and financial speculation.
HEALTH: Attention to anxiety, blood pressure and tendons of the feet

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Image Credit: NASA

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