We love the new Paul Smith collection

Introducing no. 9, the new leather collection inspired by the façade of Paul Smith’s Mayfair shop at no. 9 Albemarle Street, London.

No. 9Albemarle Street’s patterned façade reinterprets the design language of the 18th Century Georgian townhouse beneath. The repeating elliptical motif of interlocking circles, rendered in cast iron, nods to ornamental Regency forms, creating a delicate, modernist pattern from a subversively heavyweight material.

The cast iron frontage firmly locates No. 9 Albemarle Street within its Mayfair surroundings, mirroring the area’s characteristic street furniture of iron railings, grates, balconies and lampposts.

For the new leather goods collection embossed leather replaces cast iron. The traditional craft of leather production and embossing results in leather accessories that capture the same uniquely British amalgam of heavy industry and handcrafted construction.

The collection includes 8 products in 11 colour options and will be available from Paul Smith shops and online from September 2015.

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Photo: ©PR

Jannik Paare
Jannik Paare

Founder & Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director

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