JULY 2016

The strength is back! July promises financial transactions and good profits to investors. Money circulates with Jupiter and Pluto’s help. Those who have gone through confusing months, can reorganize their finances, repay debts and collect de" />

The strength is back! – Your stars for July 2016

JULY 2016

The strength is back! July promises financial transactions and good profits to investors. Money circulates with Jupiter and Pluto’s help. Those who have gone through confusing months, can reorganize their finances, repay debts and collect debts. Credit lines are facilitated by governments and new tax rules facilitate retail. All this activation has to be enjoyed with moderation and discipline, as Saturn and Neptune continue pressing the dreams and daydreams. Rules must be followed so that everything moves quickly. On July 30th, the Planet is turned upside down. Uranus enters its retrograde motion and old revolutions can rise in world scenarios. Countries clashing verbally as it was during the World War II and Europe seeking alliances to keep itself safe. This cycle begins in late July, and only ends on December 30th, 2016. Politicians may reappear asking for their thrones, but Jupiter and Pluto will speak louder, forcing the change that is necessary for social development. Enjoy the month, it is more prosperous and full of possibilities.


July is for you a special time to review the past and the fears that you carry. Your emotional health needs more attention than the physical body. Ghosts and issues that were unresolved and now return should be viewed withouth fear. The focus of your month is not so much work and money. You are now more concerned with the organization of your life, your home, and the people who are part of your family, By organizing the structure of the home, you manage stability to devote yourself to the professional life. Face your fears and if necessary seek therapeutic help.


Your digestive system will ask for attention throughout the month. This happens because there are times of anxiety and concerns. The major source of conflict is precisely the social group. Dealing with friends and with the wishes of the people around you can be a big challenge. You have good times in your career. It is a prosperous month when you can balance working life and the organization of your home. Make a financial reserve for small unexpected expenses. You’ll live good moments in love if you know how share power.


Some changes arise in your professional life. These changes can mean a paycheck improvement. You live a great mental moment, and as a result you express yourself in full. This is a great opportunity to make a career change that you had already been planning. Opportunities related to foreigners or foreign companies are part of your month. After 22nd you will feel a great intellectual impulse. Wishes to acquire new knowledge and seek new courses. Make the right financial choices using your intuition. Health is in high but love is not the focus of your month.


Another month with much prosperity and money that comes in various ways. Along with financial growth, you need to take care of your emotional well-being and also of your family. This structure facilitates the circulation of money in your life. It is a very good month for improved feeding and body care. Love goes through a great moment but not the electronics. Much attention when driving and special care with computers, mobile phones and cars. The recommendation is that you do not go on international travel during the month of July. If possible enjoy good times on your own country.


Excellent month for you, Leo. Prosperity, joy, charm and beauty. You are at the apex of your astral year. Excellent financial opportunities arise after the 14th. Do not let a good opportunity slip away. Love is on the rise and there is harmony in the meeting between singles. The Leos feel confident and are ready for a dip in the spiritual life. Despite the month having great material evolution, the greatest progress will be made in the spiritual field. Some new connections and feelings will be part of your month. A doctrine can get your  attention and, through it, open the door to your spiritual evolution. Health is good.


You go through another month of professional changes. Even if you are working in the same place, you may have to perform new functions. Anyway, you can organize your financial life with the support of your good networking. In love, you feel independent. This can make life difficult for the committed but makes life easier for those who are looking for a new person. Neptune makes your month full of daydreams and you can feel lost in relation to your self image. Remember to strengthen your self esteem, maintaining good thinking and doing spiritual connections. Cars and electronics go through troubled times. Drive carefully.


Librians should not make long trips in July. The most important is to stay focused on the work and financial goals. You go through a month with restrictions on money and some instabilities at work. So reorganize your financial planning and know that you have a month with great challenges ahead. After 22nd you feel  stronger and physically prepared. Some changes must be made during that month, if you realize you have walked in the wrong direction take this opportunity to modify your trajectory and don’t be afraid of censure or reproach. Follow your intuition. When you´re happy you´re connected with money´s energy.


You have access to everything you need in July. Jupiter and Pluto collaborate to a financial gain, increasing self confidence and good opportunities that come through your networking. Love is on the rise and sexual life is in the foreground. Singles and committed live hot moments. Your health is at a great moment and you feel you have a lot of energy to spend, especially after the 22nd. Pluto, ruler of your sign gets a boost from Jupiter . It is a good phase to expand as a person, creating new projects, meeting new locations and expanding your social group. Travel collaborates for loving encounters. Enjoy!


Your biggest goal in July is the search for new knowledge. You can search for a course abroad, contact with foreigners or people that have different ways of thinking. All this is driven by Mercury, which moves your mental activity in pursuit of independence. Your health goes through excellent time with opportunities for weight loss. Reorganizing your diet is an opportunity to reorganize your self. There are delays in payments but these should happen until the end of the month. Your focus remains on the career and the reorganization of your financial life. Keep yourself strong on this goal.


You work hard in July but realize that money is coming late anyway. You keep persistent to achieve the goals. The greatest difficulty is to divide the financial matters at home. People do not always think like you in the management of expenses. After the 22nd you felt financial results and manage to organize yourself financially. Your emotional health is the point of greatest vulnerability of the month. Organize your routine, keep good thoughts and don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep the focus on your career and cultivate patience. The results will come until the 29th.


July is a prosperous month for you. There are several financial changes during the month, but you can organize your financial life. Your health needs a lot of attention, as you go through times of low immunity. Organize your diet and check at what moments your emotional issues affect your health.Search for practices that reorganize your body´s energy. Love goes through good times and you feel more independent. Try to focus your activities until the 22nd, the moments when you feel more energized and prosperous. If necessary enlist the help of family or partners to expand prosperity opportunities during this phase.


Moment of great energy and joy in your life. Finances are thriving and Mars collaborates for you to accomplish your goals. July is especially a month of fun for you. You feel good with the life you have and the way you deal with personal issues. It looks like you’re in a big party. Because you feel comfortable, people approach you and feel good in your company. Health is good, but you should continue paying attention to your diet. Your digestive system is still sensitive. Include healthy habits and your energy will increase. Love is strengthened after the 14th. A great period in your life.

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Image Credit: NASA

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