The Louis Vuitton New Runner

Autumn/Winter marks a new beginning for Louis Vuitton. The V.N.R (The Vuitton New Runner) is the latest attempt from the fashion colossus to capitalise on the vast popularity of streetwear. The shoe is their first ever venture with a full knit sneaker and as far as we can see, it has been rather successful.

Initially, they have been released in three distinctive colours: blood orange, khaki and black but further nuances are expected to follow. Wearers then have the opportunity to be subtle with the darker colours or bold with the orange. Whichever colour you choose, expect attention.

Each shoe is hand-made in Italy, with the production process taking up to three hours. At first, this seems excessive. However, after realising the level of detail each shoe undergoes, it doesn’t seem as insane. The outsole is made of three parts, all carefully crafted. The fabric strap, leather heal detailing and hand-painted sole are all combined in a modern package whilst the tradition of the house is still kept intact. On the tongue, there is a triple-v standing for “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez”, a motif created in the 1960s to then be bought back to life by Kim Jones, the artistic director.

Although this shoe is a representation of Louis Vuitton’s desire to be innovative and cutting edge, they clearly haven’t forgotten their heritage.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

Tian Savage


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