February comes with two strong changes for the Planet. The Eclipses! In the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, on February 11th, the future gains momentum. We have to prepare ourselves to withdraw what will not work in the next 6 months. Breakups are necessary, even if surprising. It is the preparat" />

The future gains momentum – Your stars for February 2017

February comes with two strong changes for the Planet. The Eclipses! In the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, on February 11th, the future gains momentum. We have to prepare ourselves to withdraw what will not work in the next 6 months. Breakups are necessary, even if surprising. It is the preparation for the months that follow until August, 2017. In the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, on February 26th, the past can return, if we allow it. Inappropriate and obsolete behaviors return. People of the past reappear for a final test. It’s like a last evaluation. Are we ready to evolve? Do our changes have firm foundations or are they just euphoria? Eclipses affect affective, commercial relations and shake up society. Two wonderful moments for reflection of the past, present and future. The result we intend to see in August, 2017, has to be planted now in the Lunar Eclipse of February 11th. If nothing is done, two events may occur: everything will remain as it is because the Solar Eclipse will maintain the status quo or life will do for you what you refuse to face. The best way to deal with Eclipses is to understand that they are unique opportunities, moments in which Earth, Moon and Sun are in specific alignments. They are almost a gift to those who are awake.

Governments undergo changes on February 11th and their Presidents are directly affected. The kings of the Forest are pressed by the Planet in a drastic and irreversible way. On the 26th, Neptune moves the Oceans. Severe environmental disasters in the days leading up to this Eclipse.

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February brings news for your creativity. You become more dynamic and awake. At that time, you should avoid financial speculation. The Eclipse of the 11th brings the opportunity to restructure the sector of risks, speculations and impulses. It’s time to assess which points are benefited by your constant creativity and desire for change. Change is good. Changing with structure is much better. Evaluate your real bases and everything will happen with prosperity in the Semester. Your children are vulnerable in this first Eclipse. Keep them close and pay attention to them. Your parents and the whole family are asking for your attention. The Eclipse of the 26th brings insights, dreams, memories and karmic waste. The ideal is to look into the past and forgive the deceptions, connecting with the Cosmic Plane in a close manner. Sex and romance on the rise. Stable health.

Your Home is shaken by the Eclipse on the 11th. Changes in residence, renovations, and major repairs agitate the month and the Semester. Besides the structural part, your family undergoes transformations. Relationships between family members are questioned and changes are necessary for that gear to work again. The best way is dialogue and cooperation in search of harmony. The month promises financial gain and, of course, for a taurus, it is the nectar of the gods. With finances in order, the daily life is more tranquil. The Eclipse of the 26th brings groups from the past for you to re-evaluate. You may be called to resume a position or rejoin a community. Make sure you want the past back. Otherwise, do not be afraid to seek out new groups or companies. Cars, smartphones and computers deserve increased attention in this period. Stable health.

The Eclipse of the 11th moves your communication, the way you express yourself, speaking or writing. Observe if you are objective. What is not done to improve the communications sector will result in financial and business problems by June, 2017. Your mind is electric and you must now organize your thoughts and speech. Remember that not everyone follows your futuristic rhythm. Reformulate the way you operate and your Semester will be prosperous. The Eclipse of the 26th changes your career. Your profession goes through transformation. Cut down what has been good in the past, but doesn’t generate financial return. Accept proposals of work with fraternal brothers. Brothers need you. Health is good, but you feel tired between the 12th and 25th. Meditate and avoid low immunity. Love in a stable moment.

Moment full of vitality. You feel your energy increase every day of the month. The Eclipse of the 11th modifies your relationship with other countries, with foreigners, their studies and their faith. It is a change in the topics you will study in the Semester. The most complicated Eclipse is the 26th. In that, you feel the impact. Your stomach gets weakened with nausea and abdominal discomfort. Rest. You have changes in finances and the way you make money. It’s time to reorganize investments and expenses. Eclipses affect your family, and in the midst of financial changes, you handle the demands of Home. Stay calm, it’s a turbulent period that will bring new sources of earnings to the Semester. In this metamorphosis, you crystallize the image you convey to others about your personality. Observe your conduct so that people recognize your virtues.

The Eclipse of the 11th is in your sign. Complete transformation that happens for 6 months. You re-evaluate your Self, your posture, your conduct, and your self-image. You know it’s time to change something. You have been very attentive to the external conquests and now must do the intimate work. This Eclipse can be seen as an existential crisis or as the opportunity to transmute energies that will accompany you until August. Certainly, you will be a new person in August. The Eclipse of the 26th brings spiritual changes, encounters with strong themes like life, death and rebirth. The contact with the impermanence of the Being causes you to restructure your beliefs, your faith and abandon the past at once. The way you share or hold power will be re-evaluated. Perhaps the biggest lesson in February is to understand that you can share your trajectory in a positive way with people. Stable health and love.

The karmic debts are moving in February. Those hits you did not make and the themes you swept under the rug will be resumed in the Eclipse of the 11th. Working with the mistakes and correctness of the past will be the challenge of the Semester. Every time karmic waste comes back, the best way is forgiveness of the past and a new positive posture for the future. In this new phase, you can break away from groups that do not agree with your timing. Accept the exit of people from your life. The Eclipse of the 26th attacks marriages and partners. What is unstable may end. Even ending an affective relationship, you are in the spotlight and new loves may come at the end of the month. Keep your electronics protected and back up your data. Stable health in this period.

Major changes in your groups. Friends, institutions, Universities, social networks and big business of your life are modified in the Eclipse on the 11th. It will be 6 months projecting the change that best suits you. Do not be afraid to eliminate people and themes that no longer work. It is the main objective of the Semester. Meeting new groups will suit your mind. Accept new arrivals. The Eclipse of the 26th affects your health and your daily life. Some changes occur in your routine and your workplace changes. Taxes, fees and unpaid fines will be the theme of this month. Try to regularize as quickly as possible. Take care of the Urinary System and only invest your capital in safe subjects. Avoid the speculations and promises of easy winnings. Love in stable phase.

February brings good opportunities until 05th. Many issues will be solved in this very short stage. The Eclipse of the 11th is shocking. Take it easy and manage the changes in Professional Life well. Throughout the Semester you will make the trades, wisely, in that sector. Career, work and vocation are modified or perfected. You can even change the professional area. The Eclipse of the 26th moves your creativity, but it affects your children and children around you. Keep them safe and make time for them. Be close. February brings the revelation of secrets. Your health is firm to withstand the surprises. The finances are stable and loves of the past return. Taxes and loans must be paid or refinanced. Debts from the past are billed and it is time to talk about them.

The Eclipse of the 11th moves your house of Philosophy, Religion, studies and contact with foreigners. Your plans for the Semester will be transformed and new interests will emerge. You connect with everything that brings wisdom and knowledge. Your mind wants connection, wants to find people who bring something new to your growth. It’s a 6 month awakening that starts in February. This intellectual opening also moves your questions about faith, life, death and rebirth. Rethink all those themes. The Eclipse of the 26th is stronger for you. It affects your home, your relatives and the subjects that are more delicate. Give more attention to your parents and, if necessary, make the necessary changes at the residence. Repairs and works are part of the month. Love is stable. Vulnerable emotional health.

February promises changes in cars and electronics. You can do this out of selfish desire or because the Eclipses creates irreversible defects. In any case, keep your data back up and antivirus working.The Eclipse of the 11th moves your shared resources. Power, sex, life, death and rebirth are themes for the Semester. You can see death with other eyes and transform the way you understand the material and spiritual world. Dividing power will be the biggest questioning. Usually, you are centralizing. You can be challenged to delegate tasks and rely on results. New bosses are the embodiment of this change. The Eclipse of the 26th is softer. It moves your communication, your written expression and the way you speak. Brothers need you more. Stable health and love in balance.

Business advantages in February. It’s time to put your dreams into practice. Launch your ideas, products and companies by the 10th. The Eclipse of the 11th changes its affective and social life. Solid marriages go through crises. Unstable unions must end. If you have business partners, you will certainly reassess those links. Accept that some leave your life. The Eclipse of the 26th shakes your finances. Save money, organize your expenses and reshape your life. Eliminate the superfluous. This Second Eclipse is strong for you. It seems that something has been lost, but it is the necessary transformation to a new form of prosperity. Health is in order, but so many changes bring mental fatigue between the 12th and 25th. Stay in league with the faithful partners and the Semester will be of renewal.

Strong changes in February. New work in your life. The two Eclipses will move your routine, your vocation, your work and your health. The Eclipse of the 11th brings a new way of living the routine. It’s the chance to dive into a job that fulfills your desires. Health, nutrition and physical balance are also questioned. You do not always do everything your body needs. If you do not move on the 10th, the Eclipse of the 26th, in your sign, will make the changes for you. The highlight of the month is love. There is no way to be alone in February. You look like a magnet that attracts partners to your life. Even if you are focused on changes in work, there will always be someone looking at you with passion. It is time to change habits so that the year is productive and healthy.

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