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January 2016

Happy new year to all signs and ascendants. A year ruled  by the Sun. Creative, active, intellectual, dynamic and warm in all sectors. The Sun activates the mind, the vital energy, our ego and our stay on Earth. Without the Sun there is no life, so we must know how to make the best out of this good warm energy, and bring the best solar explosions to our path. Read your sign and ascendant. Be Happy on Earth. NAMASTE.


Success at work! You have a lot of planets boosting your professional life. it’s time to achieve a dream in this sector, getting a new proposal of work and create the foundations for the future you desire. Finally it’s your moment! Mars comes into your 8th House and it’s time to fight for personal changes. Recently you have been fighting too much for good relationships. Now, it’s time to fight for the change of energies in your life. You’re in the spotlight and may use with wisdom the warrior strength of Mars to change what you dislike in yourself and in your path. January it’s essential for your year. Your energies will be used up so rest and meditate. Love may be linked to the workplace. Don’t waste this month. Have a great new year.


Prepare yourself for delays in the earning of money. You’ll get what you need but it all happens slowly. January will go better if you have projects with family members. With this group you can grow faster. Actually January forces the social contact that is necessary for expansion. Pay attention on how you communicate. Avoid being surly or too direct, for this may compromise your work. Romance gets a touch of war when Mars comes into your 7th house. Observe how you deal with love and relationships. Mars energy brings  life to relationships but wars may be set. Know how to balance this energy. You’re spending too much vital energy in January and must include rest, meditation and yoga. After the 21st  the scenery becomes more favorable to you.


Excellent health during January.  You have enough energy to interact with friends and new groups, strengthening the connection with work colleagues that will support you during this month. This isn’t a period to act on your own. You need family and friends and will have little mental activity if isolated. Mercury isn’t helping and it’s time to accept others help and dive into work. By working you can block this planetary stillness that your sign does not comprehend. Physical exercises help breaking energy blockages and Saturn pressures love. Don’t confront your partner. It seems January it’s against you but it’s a period of adaptation to the needs of the group. Strengthening yourself shows wisdom. Have a great new year!


Your social life is booming! Both your career and your personal life depend on social contacts during this month. You become more focused in others than in yourself because it’s where you’ll find your personal growth. The group needs you, society demands your presence and friends show you the path for new work. It’s a new way of leading life. You  follow the group and through it fulfill your wishes. Saturn brings a crisis with loved ones, partners and friends. There will be disruptions in these relationships. You’ll be there trying to fix everything. It’s a month with moments of stress and unexpected agitation. Take care of your health and schedule sacred moments of rest between activities. Money comes naturally in this process of cooperation. Living through someone else’s eyes is something new for you. Have a great year!


Full energy for the Leos since the year is ruled  by the Sun. You’ll be called to focus on other objectives and you may grow with them until the 21st. You have full strength but prosperity comes from sharing this with the other signs. If you do this right you’ll create a wave of prosperity for yourself. Jupiter is in your house of money bringing new work opportunities, but it may be a slow process. Mercury is delaying the entry of money, but it’s coming; Knowing this organize your month as you will only have incoming money by the end of January. Your health asks for attention, your kidneys have to deal with the excess the Sun brings. The last week of the month is filled with popularity and your return to a position of leader. Have a great new year!


Prepare yourself to live many new moments at work. After the 20th there is movement in this sector and professional changes are welcomed, so is the increase in the work load. Everything a Virgo loves: working. Save money for the end of the month, despise the increase in work money will get short. The Sun, ruler of 2016, starts healing spiritual pain and in January you feel the wheel turning. After the 9th create new strategies to get where you want to be, and use the solar strength during the next 60 days. This phase brings interesting opportunities. Keep your social contacts close and reinforce your networking. Friends can create opportunities if you control your egocentrism. Love is not the focus of the month, health is stable. Have a great new year!


Family it’s your theme for January. You may try to avoid it, but the needs of the home and family members will use your energy during this month. Work is stagnant and there isn’t any planetary support to invest in new projects. Some changes may be planned during the New Moon and the Waxing moon, between 9th and 23rd, but everything depends on the help of the group. Members of your social group will determine the rhythm of your month and the success of your projects. You can only move as a group. If you wish to make money,  broaden your social network and search people from the same field. All these efforts with family and the professional search will demand all of your energy. Strengthen your health with rests and moments of meditation or yoga. Avoid traveling right now. Have a great new year!


You’re the most sought after in the job market! You have luck in new projects and receives interesting offers. There is a lot of vital energy and physical exercises help to control the anxiety that comes with this moment. Mars is in Scorpio and it makes you the action driven warrior. Careful not to get hurt with accidents caused by excess of speed or imprudence. Money finds its way to you, but it does slowly. That may give you a false sense of bankruptcy, but January is a prosperous month for you. In the last week of the month you’ll make changes in the groups you are part of and creates new social bonds. The best way to deal with January it’s to control the violent impulse that screams  inside you and remember that many changes happen behind the curtain. Have a great year!


Love is not the theme for this January. Your focus must be the family and everything surrounding your home. There is a strength that gives support to the financial life, and you have resources to keep your monetary stability during this month until the half of February. New projects may be embraced with confidence, specially during the New moon and the Waxing moon, between the 9th and the 23rd. Search contacts in other regions and countries as this area proves successful. Health is stable and planets are moving so you may open new paths during the next 60 days. Enjoy this energy and accept your family’s support. Remember that Saturn has a special look on your sign. Dedicate yourself to evolving as a human being. Have a great new year!


January is a month for you to act on your own. There is a lot of individualism and your goals will be easily reached when you work on your own. It isn’t a moment for groups, so respect the others rights, but dont forget to follow your intuition. The moon period between the 9th and the 23rd brings the best days to leverage your ideas. Health is strong and love brings moments of uncommitted fun. You become more independent and may spend in your vanity which will cause regret. This is not a very prosperous period, so keep your spending balanced and wait until the last week to rethink your financial life. After the 21st you will feel the Sun bringing light to your 2nd House, the finances House.  The airs of prosperity begins  to blow your way. Have a great new year!


You grab life by the horns in January. It’s the awakening of deepest wishes. Planets give support to focus on personal and professionals goals. It’s a rebirth that you have been planning in silence and now explodes with the Sun’s energy. Your emotional and physical health is strengthened leading to vantages in love. You value yourself and you cast  that into your environment. It’s easy to be loved when there is internal balance. In the first week of the month you’ll face interesting challenges in your profession. You may be called for a new job or win a professional dispute. Use Mars fighting  energy wisely, but don’t let the opportunity slip by. This month has in store excellent realizations for you. Have a great year!


You’re in command this January. Good opportunities appear in your work and money comes naturally. Friends and colleagues create new conditions for your growth, but you must follow the rules and allow people to recognize your abilities and talents. Your group of friends may change and it’s time to think about yourself and your path. Things happen according to your perspective on life. Family and Home aren’t your priorities. Focus on work and maintain your ethic. It’s time to get rid of all excess and waste in your spandings so you can enjoy this phase of financial reorganization. Jupiter favors love and partnership. Be flexible in this area of your life. Have a great new year!

by Claudia Vannini


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