Sukigi – Swimwear / Sportswear 2 in 1

A girl can never have enough workout clothes and bikinis.  The best case scenario would be if your bikini was made for swimming and working out!
How convenient would that be? – Look no further! SUKIGI is the answer! The Sisters Suki and Gigi are based in Hong Kong and founded Sukigi because they wanted to fill the gap for fashionable yet functional active wear with flattering cuts and colors and materials.
They only use luxurious Italian fabrics which are Ultra Chlorine resistant and have excellent UV protection.  Of course there is many more perks…

The White Opal Bikini is my favorite because it makes my legs look long and my boobs look huuuge:) *say no more :))))

!!!! check them out !!!!


Sukigi white opal kai-li


by Kai-Li Ma


Kai-Li Ma

TV-Host & Lifestyle Editor

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