Damaged hair? Here the solution – Shu Uemura and KYE

For this summer’s artistic collaboration, shu uemura and KYE take you to the center of K-Vibe. Seoul’s hype culture and beauty has become a global sensation. In a new twist, KYE’s Korean fashion sense gets redesigned with shu uemura’s Tokyo edge. The collection tells the story of K-vibe: the new era’s youthful brigade through playful iconography as seen through the eyes of KYE and shu uemura, two creative forces that showcase Asian beauty style to the world.




Kye’s K-vibe fashion meets shu uemura’s Tokyo edge in an artistic collaboration from two iconic creative forces to showcase Asian beauty style to the world. Experience a limited time Kye X Shu Uemura look of our Ultimate Remedy conditioner, for damaged hair that deeply moisturizes without leaving the hair weighed down. Infused with lipids and ceramides, hair breakage is prevented with each hair fiber strengthened and protected against the loss of hair proteins. The hair is left with exceptionable shine, tone and body.


1. Apply to wet hair.
2. Massage onto mid-lengths and ends.
3. Rinse thoroughly.

160617164645388_Ultimate Remedy1606171646678_Moisture Velvet


Credit: PR


Jannik Paare
Jannik Paare

Founder & Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director

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