Pretty in Pink: Chanel Spring Haute Couture 2018

As if Chanel couldn’t get any better…

On January 23rd, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike gathered once again under the glass roof of The Grand Palais in Paris. The invitees of Karl Lagerfeld viewed the Spring Haute Couture 2018 collection while surrounded by a trellis tunnel swathed in climbing roses, ivy and jasmine, with a fountain at its center.

The classic Chanel tweed suit appears in shades of beige, blush, and notes of fuchsia Inspired by French formal gardens, the French designer stained notes of blush into darker colors, embodying the surrounding decor and the models wearing the pieces.






Floral hues that oscillate between pastel tones and hints of saturated pink ornate brocades of feathers, laces and flashes of tulle








Those who attended surely left with excitement of the warmer months to come and were most likely swarmed with bride-to-be fever. You can’t look at these bridal looks and not anticipate your big day…




Credit: Chanel

Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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