Real Life Comix – Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2018

Melding reality with the virtual world, the next chapter of 365, re-envisaging the Spring/Summer 2018 Prada Menswear collection, recreates images from life as those from graphic novels. Drawing on the narrative imagery, specially created by artists Ollie Schrauwen and James Jean, that decorated both the Prada showspace and collection, the campaign is composed of fragments of stories, combined to create a new contemporary narrative.


Drawing inspiration not only from the aesthetics of comic books but their ideology, the overriding sense is of youth, energy, heroism – a fresh perspective on both the artwork, and the Prada Spring/Summer 2018 collection.


Captured by Willy Vanderperre, the sharply contrasting images – colour against black and white, portrait against detail shot – express an unfolding storyline, a burst of action, like the juxtaposed panes of a comic book. The artwork backdrops, drawn from the Prada showspace on Via Fogazzaro, accentuate the blurred line between actuality and fantasy – real-life models seem to become comic-book characters; perspectives are challenged, and ultimately exploded. The isolated landscape of each image evokes an individual scenario, a specific storyline; combined, the different images add up to a reflection on the multi-faceted world of today.
The world of Prada.



Photo credits:
Prada, Photography by Willy Vanderperre

Jannik Paare

Founder & Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director

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