Philips gives colouring outside the lines a new frame with their recent Premium OLED 973 TV

Philips, who introduced their first flat screen TV in the early months of 1997, recently announced their new Premium OLED 973 television.

Back in the days of 1997, when the first Harry Potter book, the Star Wars trilogy, and ‘Candle in the Wind’ by Elton John were at the top of the wish-list for many people, Philips introduced the first flat screen TV into the German market. Technological devices have come a long way since, in recent years they have increased in usability and quality while prices have become more popular to the masses. Larger screens with much thinner frames are currently advancing from the original purpose of functionality and representing design and even lifestyles in many modern homes around the globe. The new OLED 973 might just be the crowning glory of 20 years filled with innovation by making the ambilight feature the leading design element.



The very slim OLED Panel has an even wider colour spectrum than the previously launched AmbiLux model. A deeper black in each individual pixel makes balancing vibrant colours and heavy contrast more visible and less harmful to the eye. The screen, only available in 65 inches, supports superbly fluid and sharp images with detail and depth will be available in the early months of 2018. By enabling projections of the motions and colours from the TV screen onto a wall or another surface behind it elevates the entire home cinema experience creating a more emotional and engaging experience for the viewer.



The 1997 flat screen TV was 42 inches wide and less than 4 inches deep allowing it to hang against any wall.

Titled the ‘TV of the future’ the 1997 flat screen did not need any warm up time and due to its new shape eliminated display distortions making the image more lifelike. It targeted corporate enterprises with media presentation purposes, individuals with the desire for home cinematic entertainment and the potential 1998 Winter Olympics audience. With the price starting at 13,000 USD it included ad-ons such as stands, a separate electronic unit as well as a HiFi surround system that could be connected with additional sound systems for an all-surround sound experience.



Philips was not only the first one to launch flat screens in Germany but kept its high standard by continuously surprising with new ideas and products. In 2009, Philips released not only one but two outstanding product features. The first being the NetTV, with over 60 different services connected to web applications such as YouTube and E-bay. The second being the ‘Philips cinema 21:9’, the first screen that fills out the edges of the display entirely accompanied by three-sided ambilights.

That’s how we love to see movies and tv.


Credit: Philips

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