MØPSI THE UNIPIG – New Streetwear brand pokes its way into our heart

Introducing a brand that puts so much love, detail and personal flair into their overall designs and message; MØPSI, the human hating unipig for human haters! They’ve created an entire experience on their website and truly have a unique approach to branding.



Scrolling through their website is like a visual orgasm rollercoaster for your eyes. Products are shown via gif animations, 90’s style collages with hand drawn doodles, incredibly playful colors and their ‘hate humans’ message. The Brand story is written in a Chibi style comic. I guarantee you that you’ve never seen a brand like this before!



Every MØPSI item has a clean design in just black or white, complete with high-end detailing. Things like the cap buckle are embossed, the dungaree button is embossed, and all products have their own specific tags that carry a witty rhyming message.



Behind the brand is a familiar face you might have seen on Instagram. She’s appeared in campaigns for brands like Converse, Nike, Adidas and has been seen hosting Fashion One Television and Porsche Carrera Cup. It’s Kai-Li Ma @kailima – and if you know her, then you know MØPSI is a true reflection of what she’s like.
This brand is playful, happy, cute and mean – all at the same time! I love it, and I think you will too!


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