Monday Cure – LoveWave

Here is something to ease the pain of Mondays…

It’s either physical or mental, but Mondays can be very hurtful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just sprinkle this day with an overdose of love.

Iveta Mukuchyan’s single will help you with that. She is this year’s Armenian participant for the Eurovision Song Contest. Her single is called “LoveWave”. She says that the song describes how something or someone can have such a strong impact on you that it can change your whole life or you as a person. Just like the wave of an earthquake can change whole parts of our earth in just one moment.

Now, how can we transfer that to the very first day of a new week? If you already decided for Monday to be a bad day … believe me, it won’t turn into a good one. But if you sprinkle it with love, something very pleasant might happen. Maybe something significant that will change your life. Let Ivetas voice flow into your ears and set a new seed for every upcoming Monday. May your Mondays be bright, full of light, love and happiness.

And for you, Iveta, the MCOT fingers are crossed. Your performance will be flawless. You hit us like a wave of love, now you gonna hit the world.



Video Credit: MPTV / BLACKSHEEP Communications

Photo: Anelia Janeva

Natalie Strauß
Natalie Strauß

Radio Host & Lifestyle Editor

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