Milan, October – This season, MAX&Co. confirms its reputation for supremely stylish, beautifully crafted outerwear with the new edition of its popular Il Mio Cappotto capsule coat collection. Bringing together the eternal allure of refined fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship with a precise eye for the latest trends in cut, silhouette and colour, each Il Mio Cappotto coat is at once classic and contemporary.
For the collection, the designers looked to some of the most stylish women globally with each coat directly inspired by a different city:

MILAN. In a nod to the Milanese woman’s ability to give even the everyday a luxurious spin, the timeless sartorial coat – here in wool beaver fabric – is rendered ultra-luxe when worn with rich burgundy and leather accents and printed blouses. Clean, classic lines give the wearer the perfect blank canvas for unleashing her glamorous side.

PARIS. A perfectly pitched balance between nonchalance and polish is the secret to the Parisienne’s distinctive blend of insouciant chic. Her tomboyish charm is captured in the Paris Il Mio Cappotto coat. Fitted at the top, with a half-belted waist, the coat flares at the bottom, creating an ultra-flattering silhouette. Cut from bonded wool, the design has a houndstooth lining, which chimes with this season’s ’60s mood and brings visions of the era’s ingénues to mind.

LONDON. Bold, creative, charming but with a devilish sense of humour, the London girl is unapologetically original – something which always comes across in her sense of style. Drawing on the energy of swinging ’60s era London, the city’s Il Mio Cappotto coat comes in a preppy, thigh-length cut, complete with a neat little collar. Flipping the codes of traditional British design on their head, in brushed mohair the coat’s tartan finish is rendered punky rather than prim.


TOKYO. Perhaps it’s because of the purity of Japanese design – which combines time-honoured tradition with the fast pace of the future – but the Tokyo woman is unafraid to take risks with what she wears. For this chapter of the Il Mio Cappotto story, MAX&Co. reimagines the kimono as a felted wool and cashmere coat with wide, 3⁄4 length sleeves and a high collar. With a cocooning silhouette and architectural lines, the coat is hand-cut with raw edges.

MOSCOW. The most romantic silhouette in the collection, this is the epitome of epic style inspired by the great heroines of Russian literature – with elongated military lines that are just what is needed to protect chic Muscovites from the cold on a shopping day off the Red Square. A tonal chevron design characterises the fabric, made with a soft blend of wool and alpaca.

HONG KONG. Cosmopolitan Hong Kong is a true melting pot of influences and aesthetics, and a gateway between the east and the west. This is directly echoed into the city’s eclectic style and MAX&Co.’s take on it. Cut from double wool enriched with diagonal reinforcement, the iconic wrap silhouette is reinterpreted as sleek overcoat with a belted waist and 3⁄4 length sleeves. Designed to be worn casually open, or tied to create a more fitted silhouette, the coat is surprisingly versatile – much like the Hong Kong woman’s style.


Further confirming the global mood of the collection, each coat comes with a clothing bag and tags designed by Melbourne-based Instagram calligraphy star, Jasmine Dowling.
The fabrics used for each model are made in Italy by some of the most prestigious Italian fabric experts.

Find the Il Mio Cappotto collection in MAX&Co. stores and online from now on.


Credit: PR

Jannik Paare
Jannik Paare

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