We Have The Ultimate Gift Guide For You – Louis Vuitton x Christmas

Let’s be honest here, the holidays circulate and thrive off of gift giving.

Yes, everyone loves spending time with their loved ones during the holidays. Lets not take away the true meaning of the holidays. They are for helping those in need, taking time to be with family and friends, and most of all, celebrating the holiday at hand.

But I mean, who can’t agree that receiving and giving presents is a colossal role in the Xmas season?

As fun as it can be, everyone knows that the holidays are a stressful and overwhelming time. Buying things for family members and friends is a demanding task. Often times you find yourself at a loss for ideas of what to get for each family member or friend.

To assist you in these festivities of stress and chaos, we have curated a gift guide for you with something for everyone, courtesy of Louis Vuitton:


Gift Ideas For The Street Style Enthusiast:

For the person that is casual, but could be seen as a street style devotee, anything from a simple backpack to a pair of earrings that could add to an everyday look and boost their wardrobe.



Gift Ideas For The Traveler:

For the world-explorer and non-stop traveler, Pieces like these are sure to get any travel fan raved up for their next holiday destination.


Gift Ideas For The Tycoon:

For the person who lives and breathes business, a new pair of cuffs or a smart pair of sunnies for in-between meetings can brighten up this persons Christmas.


Gift Ideas For The Minimalist:

The person who secretly wants it all, but is very simplistic in their style





Gift Ideas For The Woman Who Wants Everything:

For the diva in your life, from handbags, to perfume, to jewelry what more could a woman want.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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