Louis Vuitton Takes The Louvre: Spring/Summer 18 Collection

Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection took place at the Louvre on the closing day of Paris Fashion Week. Inside of the museums newly opened, Pavillon de l’Horloge, Nicolas Ghesquière’s warm-weathered collection graced the runway.

Inspired by Perennial Style, Ghesquière took to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and was inspired by eighteenth-century French aristocratic garments. Shortly thereafter, the concept for his collection was born.

Details of elegance and figure flattering blazers were of predominance throughout the collection, framing the spur of eighteenth century French women.

Although heavily inspired by the eighteenth century woman, Ghesquière put a spin on historical French fashion. Pairing the idea with modern day accessories such as futuristic sunglasses, backpacks, and trainers. In a press release, Louis Vuitton described the collection as a “travel between the past and the present forever joining together as one”.

Surrounded by ancient inspired walls

The show was a walk through a history book. Incorporating eighteenth century fashion, futuristic accessories, and a clean-slate historical runway.

Ghesquière revealed a woman with a futuristic experimental style yet an appreciation for the past.

Nonetheless, he has not failed to produce an eye-catching, smart, yet daring collection.

Here are some of our favorite looks






Image Credit: LOUIS VUITTON  Collection Spring-Summer 2018/2019 © Louis Vuitton – All rights reserved

Torrie Krantz
Torrie Krantz


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