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The Impermanence of Life

February begins with the New Moon in Aquarius. It is the opening of new horizons, new goals and contact with society. You feel as a part of a puzzle and something must be done to enrich your participation. In the middle of the month, Mercury and Venus move to Aquarius  and everything seems to involve the community. There is no room for individualism. The Earth looks small and you feel close to others. Improve your participation in your community and humanitarian groups. After this collective phase, there is a noticeable change during the Full Moon. The Full Moon in Virgo shifts the  attention to private issues and there is more selfishness. Doctors, scientists and researchers in science and technology live, during this Full Moon we have a great time of discoveries and achievements. There is an special advance in Medicine and Technology. Something new is discovered for humanity or a solution appears to heal an old health issue. Everything,  idealized on the 8th, seems to materialize on the 22nd. During February,  there is a peculiar astral position. It’s called the YOD, the Hand of God. It is a rare configuration which indicates the interference of fate on Earth.  The first scenario is formed between the 03rd and the 15ft. The second begins February, 16th, 2PM UTC and goes until 17th, 11AM UTC. It is particularly striking in relation to wars and terrorism since the YOD involves Pluto, Moon and Mars, indicating a tendency to destruction. That’s when fate´s interference can manifest itself, leaving all stunned by the earthly events. It is as if a voice says: You have reached the limit. These Yods are changing position on the astral sky until March 10th, the day after Solar Eclipse. It is certainly a moment of historical importance that will bring a chance to reflect on the Impermanence of Life. NAMASTE _ / \ _


Romance is the highlight of February. Singles and married  live a  month full of sensuality and romantic encounters. It is the sign with the busiest sex life of the zodiac. The Career issues go slowly. It’s time to solidify what you have achieved in the past months. The finances are balanced. If you are employed, you manage your money without big profits. If you have debts, it’s time to fix up and seek a loan to end this cycle.It isn´t a good month to launch new projects or to venture into business. The health is stable all month. Organize your  finances.


Jupiter collaborates with your financial life. It´s a month with good opportunities at work and you´ll  have a paid time off  to use in the future.Beware of this folded routine, since your weakness is orthopedic. Remember to visit your orthopedist and get help in this sector. The second half of the month has more work, increase in earnings and family union. You can join all the aspects  that makes a Taurine happy: stability at home and finances. Love goes well and keep an eye on foreigners. There are opportunities in faraway lands.


Attention between 01st and 05th. Avoid accidents. Stay tuned! In the second half of the month you live  a professional expansion. It’s a great time for a job interview or to get a change at work. Communicate your ideas to everyone and see how you will be heard. That’s how the good opportunity comes: through the  peculiar way to communicate. With the excitement of the month, remember to rest and get enough sleep. Love goes stable and you may have a suddenly desire to travel or study something new. Plan a trip with studies. Enjoy February!


Time to make room for the best,  starting with a cleaning in everything unused and reorganizing finances. The month isn´t  as successful for you, so quit your debts and, if necessary, ask for a loan. In no way keep up  the reins of financial life. This month is crucial to the organization of your year. You can find good partnerships abroad and have  vital energy to work hard. With this reorganization, you start to see new possibilities. Home is well and there is no time to think about love. You have a lot  to be done in terms of work and finances control. 


You are the chosen of February  to make money. You have  luck and success! It is a milestone in your  life. February brings financial stability and prosperous people for your environment. This astral  makes you  optimistic and more willing to share the new benefits. Your health improves in the second half. Be careful to don´t  extrapolate the workload. The affective life stagnates because there is a lot of social interaction. New friends and new projects, especially in the second half. As things goes well, take time to take care of yourself, health and body.


Large professional opportunities are between the 01st and 19th. It´s  time to launch new projects or find a new job. February  is special for new contacts at work.. After the 19th, your focus is love. Married people live a good time  and singles will have opportunities in a new relation. The emotional health is fragile and might be the time to start a therapy that releases stagnant emotions. You’ve been very depressed and now feel the results. Surely you´ll  work more hours than planned. Include the famous rest and love, love, love.


You have a lot to be done during  February and in most part  of the month, you´ll carry out your wishes through friends and groups you belong to. Continue to socialize and the doors will open. There are good financial opportunities.The last week of the month is great if you are  looking for a new job. Your  health isn´t strong now and only in March, you´ll  recover the vital energy. Rest and  adopt a healthy routine. Love is not so good  and  family needs attention. Now you can  increase your connection with the spiritual world. Follow the signs of life!


You live a dilemma between work and  family. Mars drives new projects and there is opportunity to launch successfully into the market. You feel the energy of the warrior inside you, but family request your  presence. Love is good and someone from the past may return in the second half. It isn´t a good idea to revive traumas that are now being overcome. Your emotional can swing right now because you are more cooperative. That’s fine, but don’t dive into deep emotional waters. Health in good form. The emotions are unbalaced. 


Open your eyes for love, Sagittarian. You have good options among your social group and will be interested in someone different, eccentric and challenging. It’s a great time  for love. In business you also have the planets acting positively. It´s time to launch new ideas and grow in the career. Use the days  9th, 10th and 11th to seek  a new job and organize the finances. There is money, but the month goes through some turbulence.  Your health weakens in the second half. Remember to rest to have  energy to put your ideas into practice. Good luck!


Last moment to boost your career in new directions. There are still, in February, opportunities for change. Gradually you begin to look more for home and family and  the work becomes a supporting actor  of the semester. If you have debts, you can request a refinance or loan. Money is stable this month, nothing out of the ordinary. Love is warm and you don´t  feel so excited with your  partner. It is a phase. Health is fine  and there is power to circumvent any little problem in the affective life. If you have legal issues to atend, the month is perfect. 


After the 19th, get ready to receive money. Your  career is in a great moment and February is perfect for a new job. If you continue in the same work,  certainly will have more responsibility and may have a pay off  to use in the future. Love goes well for married and singles. In addition to the professional life, give special attention to your home and  family. February is the month for those who want to change the work and  launch a new kind of work. Enjoy this month with strong health. Keep positive mind between the 01st and 05th. Good month!

aHappy astral year! After the 19th, get ready for new career opportunities. Foreign countries are on your  way and you work hard to achieve your goals. In this process, there is a desire to improve your health. Physical and spiritual health. Improving your diet, you have strong encounters with spirituality.It´ll be special. Love is warm because you are focused on overcoming our own limits. Social life isn´t the focus. Money comes from work  and the progress is a result of your own merits. The planets are collaborating, enjoy! 

by Claudia Vannini


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