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Beauty is something a lot of the world values, so why are we not putting the best, all-natural products into our skin which is the foundation of our physical beauty and the first thing others see? The beauty industry is always releasing new products and ideas, but are they all truly good for our skin? If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin and expecting results. A great product line that you should be incorporating into your regiment is Less, an all-natural, organic skin care line.

Less is a purist German brand of refined organic skin care products.
Comprising a total of just 3 skin care products, each made only
with natural ingredients and completely free of additives, Less is the
world’s purest and most natural skin care line. The products are
equally suitable for both women and men.


The ideal skin care

Skin itself already produces the ideal care—the skin’s protective
mantle, a thin layer of lipids and sweat that seals moisture inside
the skin and prevents outside pollutants from penetrating. The goal
at Less is to keep this perfect natural protection as intact as possible
and actively support its natural self-regulation.


Maximal minimal

The skin care is the result of a collective obsession to pare away
any treatment, product and ingredient that is unnecessary and
potentially skin-irritating. The result of all this is a line of 3 essential
skin care products: a washing clay for cleansing, a face oil for the
treatment of dry skin, and a face oil for the treatment of oily skin.





Washing clay

“Ghassoul” (pronounced Rasul) is a millennia-old clay that
exists only in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and that has special
cleansing properties. Mixed with water and applied to the skin, it
binds and dissolves dirt and excess lipids without destroying the
skin’s sensitive protective mantle. This makes Ghassoul the gentlest
and most natural way of cleaning besides pure water. And Less
offers only the finest quality of Ghassoul.




Face oils

If the skin needs help to regain its natural protection, pure plant oils
are physiologically ideal. They supply the skin with all the vitamins and
essential fatty acids it needs. The face oils at Less are entirely made
of premium certified-organic pure plant oils, absolutely no additives
are used. The oil mixtures are spread onto the wet skin, where they
mix with the water and get absorbed by the skin. The skin becomes
hydrated, and the skin’s protective mantle is gently repaired.




Uniquely pure

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. This is why all Less products are
devoid of skin-irritating additives such as emulsifiers, preservatives,
or essential oils. No single ingredient has been produced by
refining, distillation or synthesis. The result is a uniquely pure and
effective skin care that is made up of 100% active ingredients.





You definitely have to try it!




Credit: Less

Jannik Paare
Jannik Paare

Founder & Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director

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