Lady Dior meets Marc Quinn

160 New Bond Street is the address of the new Dior boutique in London Mayfair. Spread over four floors, not only it is the largest and best assorted boutique on the British ground, but it also celebrates the House’s long-lasting  devotion to the art world.

For its opening on the 3rd of June, Dior celebrated its presence in the UK with an artistic collaboration with London based artist Marc Quinn. The renowned contemporary artist transposed his hyper-realistic oil paintings to Dior’s creations, creating a limited-edition line for the iconic Lady Dior bag, wallets and clutches.

Three are the oeuvres Quinn chose as inspiration for his  Lady Dior “canvas” to respectively create three different individual models of the House’s iconic bag.

” In the Night Garden ” : a dramatic contrast between a volcanic landscape and snow, blooming  violets, white and black orchids.


In the night garden Lady Dior


“We share our chemistry with the stars” : a colorful contemplation of the flower “Iris” and its greeck etymology being “rainbow” is put in contrast with the central black pupil representing the mystery and the uncertainty of life.


We share our chemistry with the stars Lady Dior                      We share our chemistry with the stars Lady Dior back


“Fossil record” : motifs of flowers at their point of full bloom eternally frozen and embossed into silver leather, representing the desire of man to have control over nature and time.

Fossil Record Miss Dior



These individual art and fashion hybrids benefit from a unique symbiosis of talents in fashion and art and prooving that maybe there is still space for creativity even for historic fashion Houses as Dior.




Image Credit: PR

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