June brings good surprises! Jupiter contributes to a small economic progress that is felt in many sectors. The global policy has more stable times and there are good leaders who influence the collective thought. There is a common desire for harmonization of different groups. Many busine" />

June brings good surprises – Your stars for June 2016

June brings good surprises! Jupiter contributes to a small economic progress that is felt in many sectors. The global policy has more stable times and there are good leaders who influence the collective thought. There is a common desire for harmonization of different groups. Many business owners will close expensive and old contracts. New services, more agile and cheap, replace stable jobs. It is a re-adaptation phase of the entire world market to a new era. The money returns to circulate and is a very good stage for Stock Exchanges. Wait until the end of July to sell shares that were down since January, 2016. Saturn calls the planet to reality. We were able to look clearly at what is possible and what is illusion. This astral force gives dynamism to the market and it’s time to pay off debts and adjust economic policies. There is a fellowship of power between markets. It is a first awakening on the need for flexibility and adaptation to the differences. The scenery is much better than in previous months. June, is the greatest example of how the Earth is a great adventure. Moments at  high, moments at low, this time Hope is something more tangible. NAMASTE


This month, you live big surprises, new jobs can arise and you may discover a new way to make money. Trust your intuition to choose the best partnerships, enlist the help of family and the strength that comes from home. Love also promises excitement. A person of your past returns and clutters your routine. Love here is intellectual. People from different environments catch your eye. Be careful not to overdo on the eccentricity. Special attention to the shoulders and neck.


A month of prosperity and excellent sales for Taurus. All mental activity is benefited, even for those who work with marketing and writing. Your priority is not love. Organizing your career takes up all your time and family can complain because of your absence. The studies are also at good time. With a high in communication, seeking new knowledge is a part of June. Your greatest strength is between the 1st and day 18th. Give special attention to the gastric system and the way you feed. After 18th balance your mood.


A Month of prosperity for you! Your intuition is keen and you find the best ways to make money. All intellectual activity brings financial benefits and your group of friends now has influential people. Speculation in financial markets also give good return. Love goes through good moments and the family is the structure of your month. Organize your emotions so your intuition can be activated. Electronics and cars can bring some expenses, do not allow small accidents to disturb the brightness of your month.


You are the biggest beneficiary of June. Prosperity, happiness, love, health and beauty are in their daily life. You feel strong and connected with the Cosmos. The planets give support for achieving personal goals. Everything is easier if you put spirituality in your routine. Sharing joy and prosperity is the best way to celebrate this great month. By the law of the universe, the benefits must be repaid including through philanthropic activities. The more this energy flows, more opportunities will come naturally to you.


There is prosperity this month. Mercury activates your career and influential people or relatives contribute to your earnings. Even in a good stage remember to create new ways to maintain growth in the future. Health is strengthened and love is having a good time. Your peer group has an important role this month, but the key is to seek spiritual growth to maintain the balance of the universal law of giving and receiving. Create conditions for more people to grow with you and your success will continue.


You live another month dueling between professional and personal life. Some new opportunities arise and, with the help of Mercury, you will achieve the success you want. The command of the month is yours. Some exaggerations are made so you can feel more prosperous. Calculate well not to assume expenses incompatible with your reality. There is love for you, but the enthusiasm for financial growth can disrupt your love life. With so much energy, after months of lack of it, remember to preserve energy for the second half of the month.


Successful time in your career and sudden breakthroughs. There is a synchronicity between the increase of money and spendings with family or electronics. Your group of friends is key to this expansion at work and everything revolves around fulfilling your obligations seriously, avoid making great sacrifices to maintain a standard of living that goes beyond your physical limits. In June, its biggest luxury is health. Observe much of your body and enjoy the working phase with moments of rest. Many planets are pushing your sign.


A complete transformation in June. You are reborn with the qualities that you have always dreamed of having. Changes occur in relationships, personal projects and work. Old habits are transformed and the great benefit appears in your health. You feel strong, confident and able to make things happen. This new person is born and you know how to share without losing focus on personal success. Domestic life and career come into balance and your sensuality lives a good time. Beware of minor accidents for the month is wonderful.


You awaken from a deep sleep. Life calls with intensity. New love can arise and your interest in this theme makes some responsibilities stand aside. Is not time to worry so much about the family but your career still asks for extra dedication. Your work environment undergoes more change and new paths can be opened successfully. Students also make sudden changes. Your health is very good and is a great time to improve the diet. Pay attention to the issues that ask for clarification. Do not let anything unexplained.


You have to deal with something challenging: Feelings. A grand trine in Water signs shake your emotions and put you on full alert. Any other event can hurt you. Your gastric system rejects the emotions and if there is no rest you’ll accumulate pains in the shoulders and necks. The financial life goes through a good time and love is in no shortage. Many people will influence it by modifying your choices. You are not in charge of your month, so replace the momentary low self-esteem with positive thoughts. Soon, the command will be yours.


Your financial life calls for special attention with delays in payments that take place to the last week of the month. Until November, organize your plans and use all your mental ability to rearrange your projects. There are new opportunities in working life and it is also a very good month to improve your diet. Until the 22th, love promises fun. After that date you need more patience to find understanding with the partner. Remember that you are preparing for a breakthrough that will take place in November. Be patient.


Love is good! You have a special meeting with someone who has the same way of thinking. What you search in this month is emotional support. Until 28th of June your finances are under pressure from Mars retrograde. Analyze everything that can be eliminated from your spending. Organize a soft menu that contributes to your good mood and balance your emotions. Your energy levels are low and you feel the need to nap during the day. The career is blocked and the pressure of the planets in your sign makes you rethink the past and seek to overcome emotional blocks. Keep good thoughts.


Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

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