Journey’s End – Paul and Joe Spring/ Summer 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Sophie Mechaly looked to 90s cult films for inspiration when designing the Paul and Joe Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection at Paris fashion week. Her influences included films such as Wild at heart, Natural Born Killers and The Virgin Suicides. Although they each have fairly bleak storylines, the designer explained how she was eager to explore the idea of lost innocence and the journey characters embark on to find their own style.



The show offered more retail-friendly daywear with feelings of light-mindedness and minimalism. A bright pallet from blue to deep raspberry to orange was combined with floral patterns and prints to give the collection that true sense of spring. Featuring were white cotton dresses (one of which was actually based upon a wedding dress Mechaly  had worn as a young bride), short t-shirts, loose trousers, frilled shorts combined with blouses and not forgetting dungarees, a strong look this season for women as well as the men.

Paul and Joe exhibited a collection full of vibrancy, charm, simplicity and sophistication leaving us impatient to see what’s in store for the next season.




Credit: Paul and Joe

Tian Savage


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