November brings increased order and law. With the return of the Square between Uranus and Pluto, everyone should arrange their legal and bureaucratic issues. Taxes will be charged. Municipal taxes, parking tickets and any credit card that can be charged in court, will appear. Government" />

Increased order and law- Your stars for November 2016

November brings increased order and law. With the return of the Square between Uranus and Pluto, everyone should arrange their legal and bureaucratic issues. Taxes will be charged. Municipal taxes, parking tickets and any credit card that can be charged in court, will appear. Governments change the tax structure and, certainly, the taxpayer will bear more costs. The big star of the month is the variance between the currencies. The currency game will be strong and aggressive and the good speculators, will make money in the process. Those who do not know how to deal with exchanges or are with low reserves, should not get into speculation because only the big investors can hold 3 days in a row of gross losses. Variations will be much larger than we are used to in this scenario. American, English currency and the Euro are the characters of this epic tale.

The Waxing Moon in Aries  indicates a good expansion phase and resumption of money lost in the economic crise. The Full Moon in Taurus will bring consolidation of business and contracts. It´s  a month in favour of the safe goods like buildings and large enterprises. At the end of the month, the New Moon in Sagittarius opens doors to other countries and it is a sign of growth. This is where everyone should know for sure what is there capital so we can explore other areas.  Risk can be disastrous without financial guarantees. Let us remember that Uranus and Pluto do not live a good moment and all will be demanded quickly. Between November 09th  and December 18th  there are more changes in the sky. Mars goes to Aquarius, the great rebel. The upside is the courage to create an  egalitarian society and the feeling that we, united,  are stronger,  becomes clear. We fight for our unknown fellow.

The complicated side is the energy of rebel groups that also fight for their causes and use the energy of Mars to impose their beliefs on the Planet. It is a phase of a lot of police on the streets in all countries because people are going to confrontation in the name of social  causes. After November 12th, Venus, the planet of love, goes to Capricorn. It´s  not a comfortable moment for couples and lovers, but positive for business relationships. The structures are solid and the commitments are true. Read very  well the contracts you sign  because there will be no opportunity for changes until December, 06th. After November, 21st, with the Sun in Sagittarius, will the spirit and courage return. It´s the optimistic potential within us that drives us. It is best to focus the energy until the 23rd. The last week is tense and full of oppositions in the sky. United States, North Korea and Russia are political and military highlights, while Italy is again the star of financial chaos.  The best #financial opportunities in November are the exchange rate changes.

Water and water containment is a problem in places that were once deserts. The topic of the month is Justice, laws, the maintenance of Social order, the containment of conflicts and of course, the American election. Don’t be alarmed if you to see groups confronting on the streets by the outcome of the elections, which will lead to lawsuits contestements.

When a great power in the world has a tight result in the elections, half of voters leaves unsatisfied. It’s natural to seek in Law a response to disappointment. The maintenance of peace is the theme that will affect all countries until the end of 2017 with the cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius. We are deconstructing to build something new. Not everyone is ready to deconstruct brick by brick. Some people find it more practical to implode the building and then pass a tractor on the rubble. Each country has its demands, but if we look with detachment, all people want the same: keep your territory, its wealth and its history. If we learn to respect the history of the other until the end of 2017. We will have taken a big step towards Planetary Evolution. We have little chance of changing this scenario because it’s a scenario that enriches many, but we are stronger United, and we will continue to vibrate at the same frequency, confident that the gains are seen with the naked eye, not always represent real and permanent gains on the Planet. Good month for all #signs!

Special moment in finances. After the 12th, Venus accelerates work and there is money income. People seem to like you more and give priority to your subjects. November promises hard work and dynamism, but full throttle will only happen in December. Plan your strategies to get there with everything in order. Love and relationships in a good moment and a lot can happen overseas. Stay tuned to foreigners and to companies based in other countries. You have advantages in this sector. Health is good and this is another month with heightened sensuality. This indicates intense sexual encounters with a tendency to exaggeration. Activation of the 8th house to your sign also means a personal makeover with transmutation of energy. Projects can be modified successfully and accepted by society. Detoxify the body and all excesses.

Professional growth after day 09th. You get extra energy to rearrange your career and has clear goals ahead. You engage yourself in philanthropic projects and includes philosophical or religious activities in the daily life. Love goes through a good time and, if single, you have great opportunities at the end of the month. The November challenge is your liver. It is suffocated by the toxins and you should seek a natural method to detoxify it. With the changes caused by Venus, you are literally “out of the box” until the 18th. This indicates that you will take different attitudes in personal life, health and work. On the 19th, a change in behavior is sensitive. You set your feet on the ground and gets stuck in its certainties and there is no room for flexibility. This is where you should work more with your mind and soul to find the balance.

Neptune’s movement brings professional clarity to this month and the return the blue sky. You feel an urge to produce more, desire for change and capacity of planning. It`s like leaving the shadows you’ve been in recent months. Your health is still unstable, but much better than before. Love goes through excellent time and there are several interesting people around. Be selective and choose someone who collaborates with your harmony. Some spiritual changes arise naturally. You also sees new opportunities in this sector and as a social life improves, you can be introduced to something new by the group of friends. Children are the great challenge of November. If you have children, give attention to them because they will need encouragement to continue.

Excellent financial month, Cancer. You have good opportunities in a new job and extra earnings, and after the 22nd, you feel this expansion. A mood of luck involves you and it seems that everything conspires in your favor. Love is also in a good moment. Singles and committed live joyful moments and there is increase in social gatherings. You will be more available to meet with friends and this will facilitate the meeting with interesting people. It is important to expand the network because much of what you will get comes from leisure moments, when you have fun and talk about business. Leave the command to others. Stay close to children and learn from them the right way to live in new times. Your respiratory system will ask for more care.

November promises a major change .. It is a new outlook that you develop by dreams, insights and warnings that the universe emanates. This new outlook is more cheerful, creative and full of new opportunities. After the 12th, with Mercury’s help, you feel that air of renewal in creativity and will have much more fun, including with art and children. Good time for journalists and writers. Your mood will be clear to the people around you and you take charge of emotions. Many Leos seek therapies to understand the past and accept their true identity. Your career stagnates. No advance because you deal with deeper issues and organizes the crises of the family. The home is your point of interest. Love is neutral and health is in balance.

Good phase for financial speculation and work with fun. Hotels, restaurants, bars and events receive your help and feedback to you is positive. You earn money having fun. If you work from home or with family, even more benefits. This organization of working from home brings emotional balance and this is critical to your success. Upon arriving at the office, you already have everything ready and prepared. Plan at home is the great strategy for November. Larger gains is the goal of your month and you will be very creative to get where you want. The time spent in mentalizations makes the karmic wheel spin and the results appear in the physical world. Meditate and imagine your best scenarios. Balance in love and good health unti thel 22nd. Then have some rest.

Health is good in November. The career goes through confusion because of Neptune. The work environment can become obscure by problems generated by colleagues and working as a team, you may have to bear the whole load. Despite these setbacks, financially it will be a positive month. Until the 12th, your strength will be in good communication. This benefits the work in Marketing, Advertising, all kinds of writing and presentations. The family members work with you and make your life easier. It is likely that new electronics are acquired and through technological facilities, your communication also expands. It is an investment and not an expense. The family needs more of your attention and visualize your dreams is the best way to get where you want. Love and health are stable.

Career is in a slow phase, Scorpio. The important point of the month is the Home, family and your physical and emotional well-being. Finances are in balance and there is no loss. After the 22nd, there is a financial increase and you stop feeling breathless. At this stage, looking at yourself is important and reduces the journey. Avoid financial speculation, risk and games. It is not a good time for it. If you have partnership opportunities with friends, enjoy and invest with no doubt. In love, interesting changes. Singles can live unexpected days later in the month, and couples, can live instabilities. It is the influence of Venus, which makes you extrapolate the limits. Be aware of your actions in this sector. Your parents and older people in your family need you and the ideal is redoubling patience, especially at the end of the month.

Venus brings benefits to you, Sagittarius. Notice how, until the 12th, there are good opportunities at work. Enjoy the first 12 days of the month because that’s what November offers you in terms of love, money and prosperity. After that, you enter a confinement phase that lasts until the 22nd. These 10 days must be respected as a period of personal and professional reassessment. In this scanning you do, good revelations come. You connect with your heart, understand the points that should be improved or eliminated. It is a very strong cycle spiritually. Even if your development in this sector is small, you will feel connected to the universe and detect which attitudes generate problems in health, family and profession. You’ll leave this cycle inspired and spiritually strengthened to continue.

Great month to expand your social group. Many things occur through friends. You develop new activities and will be surrounded by groups and technology. Health undergoes a great moment. Note the issues in career carefully. You do not go through specific changes, but there are delays in receiving payments. Only after the 22nd there is financial organization. When Uranus is retrograde, the best way for the capricorn is to develop humanitarian activities and think less of yourself. This way, you create a prosperous vibrational cycle that balances this sense of delay. People look at you and interpret the influence of Venus and Jupiter, which brings an aura of abundance, success and vanity. It is a less active month, but in the end is prosperous by some path. Love is low.

Love is in a good moment, Aquarius. Enjoy November to find the person that touches your heart and develops friendship with you. Many opportunities are in the professional, school environment and humanitarian groups. A colleague may become a great partner for life. The career is also undergoing a great period. It is time for growth and expansion of successful groups and financial recognition. You’ll notice that every day of November, your disposition increases. The end of the month will be more active than the first because Mars will bring energy and independence. It’s a great opportunity to become independent. This impulse given by Mars collaborates with your health, but takes you to the body’s limits. Your mind may resent so much activity. Rest and quiet moments will be useful.

Since the 20th of October, your energy is increasing. You feel every day that you are more independent and strong. This brings courage to d your projects as you deems correct. You are less interested in pleasing others and can be rude in you form of speaking.. It is the aggressiveness that Mars brings. Beware of minor accidents. There are financial expansion and people look at you as someone successful. All this cosmic support should be well used and humanitarian activities expand this positive cycle. Your career goes through expansion because you put all energy and makes it happen. Success comes from your effort and persistence. It may seem stubbornness, but you do not want to know if there is a financial crisis. You make money appear in your life for your work. After the 19th, prepare to see movement in the love life. Good health.

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini

Image Credit: NASA

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