How to survive a long flight – DO’s and Don’ts of flying

Do you guys want to know how to survive a long flight cramped into tiny little seats with no leg space for 10hours and arrive at your destination looking like Beyonce? – take a private jet!! hahah

I fly quite a bit, so I have specific flight routines and preparations.

Before the Flight:

– Choose your seat beforehand. You don’t want to risk the chances of getting a middle seat. It’s the worst. I like window seats, because I can lean my head against the window and assure one armrest at least without getting hit by people or carts which happens if you choose an aisle seat. The downside is that you need to climb over 2 people to go to the restroom. Still, it is worth it to me:)

– Don’t bring too much stuff on the plane. Just the essentials. Too much stuff will take away from your legroom.

– wear a comfortable outfit. I don’t understand how people travel in tight jeans. I can’t even sit at home wearing jeans hahah

The first thing I do when I get home is to change into comfy clothes. I like to wear Leggings when traveling, because they are comfortable yet still looking somewhat presentable.

kai-li private jet

lots of legroom here hahah

What I have in my carry-on Bag:

– Before boarding I buy a big bottle of water so I can drink at any time during the flight

– Wet & Dry tissues

– Body Lotion – Facial cream – Facial Mask -Make up wipes – Toothbrush

– Little make up bag with Concealer, Eyebrow Pencil, Powder, Lip balm

– Wallet + Little bag with Passport, Sim Cards, Cash, Pen, Phone Charger

– Scarf

– Sunglasses

– Ipad + Iphone + Headphones

During the flight:

– Drink lots of water

– cream, cream, cream: I moisturize whenever I can. I have wet & dry tissues in my bag to wipe my fingers before I cream my face

— Do not wear Make up during a flight. This is very important. Instead mosturize!

– Facial mask – I once used the face mask sheet, which make you look like a ghost on a flight. The plane was dark and most people were sleeping but then a kid who was sitting in front of me turned around and started screaming because I scared him.  It was so funny hahha After that I decided to use face masks which you apply on your face like a cream instead of the sheets. 🙂

– Move & stretch: whenever I go to the bathroom I’d take my time to walk a bit, stand and stretch

– I don’t know why but whenever I enter a plane I get tired immediately and fall asleep before the plane has even taken off. This helps me to get through a long flight. If I can’t sleep I read or watch a movie or listen to audio books.

After the Flight:

– Stretch your legs and gently massage your calves

– freshen up – take a shower – and put on another hydrating mask before bed

Rest well!

Here are all my tips:) Hope they helped you guys.

Happy flying, Ladies!!


Kai-Li //

Kai-Li Ma
Kai-Li Ma

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