How to stay fit when you are about to hit 30

I used to be one of those girls that can eat whatever she wants and not gain weight. Just recently I have discovered that those times are over hahahah

From now on I have to watch what I eat because I do gain weight and it all lands around my tummy and my thighs.
So now I became much more health conscious and started to workout.


I m quite lucky because the things I like to eat are healthy anyways. Except candys and chips and so on.

But for example, I don’t like fried food that much. I’m not really into junk food which helps as well. I feel like my taste buds are changing now and I don’t eat like a 5year old anymore; Ketchup on everything. hahaha

I don’t drink alcohol which helps tremendously as well.
What do I eat when I train?
I eat a really big breakfast, also because it is my favorite meal of the day.

yum yum :)

heart tomato bread by kaili

Variation of: oatmeal with fruits, lots of fruits such as kiwi, papaya, avocado,…. yoghurt, boiled eggs, bread with different toppings and I drink green tea and lemon water in the morning and sometimes throughout the day.

Lunch and dinner are a mix of salads and salmon or chicken. I actually eat what I want but as healthy as possible.
I eat fruits whenever I feel like having a snack or eating something sweet and mix it with cashew nuts because I am allergic to all other nuts such as almonds and walnuts.

Going to the gym has to become a habit just like brushing your teeth.

20min running and then I do excercises on the mat with and without weights. Sometimes I skip the gym and do yoga instead. When I don’t have time, I do a 10minutes workout on the mat at home.

workout kai-li

Resting is very important and sleeping helps as well.

Summer is coming and it’s time to hit the Gym, Ladies!!! You will feel soooo proud and good about yourself and look better as well. Love yourself and treat your body well!!

by Kai-Li Ma @

Kai-Li Ma
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